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Mini Vacay Saturday.

We’re in Miami for the Red Bull Flutag! My brother designed Hard Rock’s… vehicle?

Here’s a sample of the kind of things we’re probably watching/doing:

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Workout on Vacation?


As I have previously mentioned, BF and I are planning a road trip that starts this Thursday to Charleston! We’re taking the “scenic route” to Charlotte Thursday, then completing our journey on Friday down to Charleston. We head back Sunday with a stop in Richmond.

We don’t really have any specific plans while we’re down there and vacations can kind of throw off a workout routine… so I did a little research and found this cool website that allows you to map out walk/jogs/runs…. and coincidentally enough, that is what it’s called.

Walk Jog Run.


There a bunch of different ways to utilize this site but I started by typing in the address of where we were staying and then selecting 3 miles under the “View Routes By Distance” option.

Here is what it showed me:


Seems like a fun/healthy way to explore the city one morning! I will most likely be representing the walk/jog person who would use this site… not much of a runner.

The site allows you to create routes, save routes, share routes, and more! I didn’t see any routes in my neighborhood and may be adding some for posterity when it warms up. They also have app that looks pretty cool. It costs $4.99 though which is a bummer. RunKeeper is a similar app that is free and has great reviews.

PS If you have any recommendations of where to go while in Charleston, SC or where to stop on the way, I would love to hear it!

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September Update

In September, we attended two friends’ weddings – one at a campground in Richmond and one on the beach in the OBX. The OBX wedding was also an excuse for a vacation with some great people!

At the end of the month, I went up to Chicago to visit my friend Alison (of Brown Eyed Style). We visited this awesome outdoor flea market, sipped on bourbon bloody marys, and even shopped with some hipsters at the US’s second largest Whole Foods – while filling up on wine and samples 🙂

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So… uh.. wanna go to Iceland?

When I was younger it used to always confuse me that Iceland was a way more pleasant place than Greenland (okay maybe it still does a little).

I recently ran across this video via Loobylu and now… I want to go to Iceland. Who’s with me?!?

Aren’t the people in the video fun?! I want to be their friend.The song is by an adorable artist named Emiliana Torrini – see real music video here. 

Ps… “Inspired by Iceland” is a whole series marketing Iceland – brilliant.

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