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5 Things I’m Totally Digging:

Hey! I’m back for a minute. And I just wanted to tell you about 5 things I’ve been into recently:

tangerine orange mio1. Orange Tangerine Mio – You’ve probably seen the commercials for this stuff. And I admit – I’m into it. I’ve been known to make late night trips to McDonalds every once in a while to pick up a large Hi-C Orange drink. I’m obsessed (although it tends to give me heartburn). The Orange Tangerine Mio tastes JUST like that. But better for you – and it lives in my fridge! Perfect.


2. Bobs Burgers – This show is like Family Guy but maybe slightly more family-friendly and HILarious. If you haven’t seen it, try it out. They’re on Netflix (and apparently YouTube here or there, too):


citi thank you preferred3. Citibank credit card – I’ve been using a Capital One rewards credit card for a few years now but recently looked at a statement and saw that my APR was at 21.95%! Holy Cow! I had no idea. I think I had come in at 0% APR offer and, like they count on, didn’t notice when that offer ended. Fortunately, I had a “dormant” Citicards “Thank You Preferred” credit card waiting for me with an offer for 0% APR for 15 months = balance transfer for the win!  Lesson learned:  Don’t forget to look at your statements!  If you need a good finance tool, I still recommend Mint.com. I’m their #1 Fan. Seriously. #1.


colgate_whitening_penbrush4. Colgate Optic White toothpaste and toothbrush/whitening pen – I’m part of this program called Influenster where in exchange for you answering surveys, writing reviews, and posting on social media sites, you get free samples to try. The most recent items I got were the Colgate Optic White toothpaste and toothbrush with built in whitening pen. The samples they sent lasted about 2 weeks and at the end of that time period, I really loved the results! I’m not just saying this because I got the free stuff to review (thank you!) – I actually liked it so much that I went out and purchased a new batch. I have used Crest Whitestrips before but I’m so bad at remembering to wear them. Having the pen in the base of the toothbrush made it so easy to whip it out every time I brushed (2x a day). The goo in the pen is essentially the goo from the strips. I definitely recommend the toothpaste and toothbrush/whitening pen and if you want an invite, let me know! I love being a part of Influenster.


5. Valerie by Amy Winehouse (RIP) – I can’t decide if I’m embarrassed or not to admit this but I’ve watched Glee since the beginning. The last episode ever just aired recently and included a version of Amy Winehouse’s “Valerie” performed by Santana. Ever since then, I can’t get it out of my head and have been playing it on repeat:

** Just so you know, I was not paid to recommend any of these products. I did receive the Colgate items for free for purpose of testing and review but these opinions are solely my own.**

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Movie know it all.

To stay along the same theme as yesterday’s Tuesday Dudesday, I just want to quickly discuss IMDb.

I feel like most people know of this site… but recently I have run into a few people who didn’t. And as a HUGE fan, I feel like that’s kind of blasphemy and I have to share:

Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 6.39.36 PM

IMDb – the Internet Movie Database – is this huge website full of movie and TV information. It tells you everything from the director and actors (who all have links to their own page, etc), to more interesting things like mess ups and, my favorite, trivia.

I am seriously obsessed with looking at IMDb when BF and I watch movies at home. I think I kind of annoy him on occasion with my interruptions of “Did you know….” or “Oh my gosh look at what this actor looks like now!

For example… Did you know in Bridesmaids, Melissa McCarthy (Megan) and Ben Falcone (Air Marshall Jon) are real life husband and wife!?

Or… That the boy who played “Racetrack Higgins” in Newsies now looks like this (please tell me you’ve at least heard of Newsies – Christian Bale AND a musical? Yes, please.):

newsies then and now

Please visit IMDb, if for no other reason than to read some of the trivia from your favorite movies. It’s almost always awesome.

Between IMDb and Movieclips, I think you could easily become the next Movie Know-It-All!

Sorry if this is old news to you, but it is worth sharing, don’t you think?!

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Ellen. Love her.

Seriously! Love Ellen Degeneres. BF sent me this link today that needs to be shared with you.  The list consists of a TON of gifs (which I also love) of Ellen’s best moments.  (via Buzzfeed).

Click the screen shot below to see all 35.  Do it!



Happy Friday!

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Out of the office.

Good Morning! Thanks for following my blog!

I am “out of the office” today… I’ll be back tomorrow though so don’t you worry! Meanwhile, I think you should check out my favorite song of the week! It even features “Chuck” from the show… “Chuck“! (click the image below to view video)

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I believe.

Mundane Monday. Gotta love it.

Today’s website is all about advertising… something that is near and dear to my little heart.  My love for a advertising, afterall, is kind of… what dictated my schooling. The website is called:

I Believe in Advertising.



I Believe in Advertising highlights awesome advertising campaigns from all around the world. Under each photo/video & etc., they tell you which advertising agency put it together and who was involved.

You can browse by date by simply scrolling down the page, or you can browse by categories including: Ambient/Outdoor/Direct, Art, Design, Italian Adv, Outdoor, Photography, Print/Poster, Profile, Radio, TV/Film, Uncategorized, Web/Viral.

Look around, see what other countries are doing in their ad campaigns (some are rather… risque), and enjoy! The site is 100% awesome.

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It’s mad, men!

 Huuummppp Daaay!

So… BF and I have recently hopped on the Mad Men bandwagon. A little late, I know. 

At first, we were like.. “why do people LIKE this show?!”  But it just started out super slow. Besides the awesome characters and outfits – and storyline, I suppose – one of my favorite parts about this show is watching them do all sorts of things that would TOTALLY not be acceptible these days. Like….  Smoking in your office & everywhere else. Drinking a LOT in your office. Bringing a rifle to work.  Hooking up with the secretary. Not wearing seatbelts/using carseats. Children playing with plastic bags over their heads… The list goes on and on. It’s fun to catch the subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, differences!

So like I said, we’re hooked. (And a season behind).

I ran across this “game” yesterday… I’m probably as late discovering the game as I am discovering the show… but… it’s called:

Mad Men Yourself.



Mad Men Yourself allows you to put together an “avatar” of yourself and insert it into the world of Mad Men. You pick from body types, face shape, eye shape, hair color & style, & etc. Then you give the avatar accessories (including cigarettes, marinis, scotch & etc) and stick them in a “scene.”

Here’s my avatar…  it pretty much looks nothing like me… buuut.. its as close as I could get:


I even made one of BF (his is better…):



Doesn’t he look handsome!? haha I think my favorite part of the Mad Men Yourself is seeing the other characters in cartoon form. They really look like them! Especially “Joan Harris” (played by Christina Hendricks). They totally captured her look and personality! (Did I mention I seriously WANT her red hair?! like.. seriously. I’m considering it).

Mad Men Yourself. Do it.

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Here we go…VEVO!

I’m pretty excited to share today’s website with you! I actually discovered it this weekend but wanted to wait til more people were back to work from the long weekend to show it to you! It’s possible that you may have heard of it. It’s called:


VEVO is a website I discovered through YouTube. It’s actually really similar to YouTube in that you can look up artists and view their music videos. VEVO, however, only has music videos…. and the best part!? You can create, save, and share your very own playlists!

Once I found VEVO, I spent pretty much the entire morning playing with it… searching artists, adding them to my playlist, listening to other people’s playlists… And I thought to myself…

“Why would someone want to use this?”
I mean… I have tons of playlists that I created on Pandora (if you don’t know what Pandora is, please go check it out. It is a must have!) and Slacker (the station I use when I run out of hours on Pandora). I also thought.. “Gosh… if I was to use this at work, I would probably get sucked into watching dozens of music videos instead of working!”

So I came up with why people would want this: Parties.

Or get-togethers… whatev. Basically, your VEVO list would make a GREAT background to any sort of get together. I have been to tons of parties where the TV is simply on- nobody’s really watching it but its still on in the background (in addition to the music blasting from the computer, of course).  To make your playlist even more effective at your shindig, hook your computer up to your TV (<click for a how-to).

The website is super intuitive. Basically, you sign up for free (you can use your Gmail, YouTube, Twitter, Yahoo!, or Facebook account or create a new one). Once you’re signed in, you will be taken back to the VEVO homepage where you can search the site by using the search bar or links to Videos, Artists, Genres, Channels and Playlists. You can also view Top Videos, Top Playlists, and Popular Artists.

Find the music video you want to add to your list and simply click the “Add” button (it looks like a plus in a red circle) and BAM it is automatically added to your playlist at the bottom of your screen. Create as many playlists as you want or, if you don’t feel inspired enough to make your own, I recommend checking out playlists other people have created. In fact, as I write this, I am listening to the “Award Winning Videos” playlist created by one of VEVO’s members.

What do you think? Pretty cool find, huh.
Did you make a playlist? I’d love to hear it! Send me your URLs!

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