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Mini Vacay Saturday.

We’re in Miami for the Red Bull Flutag! My brother designed Hard Rock’s… vehicle?

Here’s a sample of the kind of things we’re probably watching/doing:

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Can’t Hold Us Down.

Macklemore, the guy who did Thrift Shop, actually has some other good songs like this one:

Happy Saturday/Second 4th of July Weekend!

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Chain hits my chest.

When I’m banging on the dashboard! Chain hits my chest when I’m banging on the radio!

I discovered this song from The Mindy Project (love this show). Totally my jam:

Need a chain after watching this video? I got mine at South Moon Under:

Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 6.19.24 PM

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Some kind of ever after.

Ever wonder what happened to the Disney Princesses during their “ever after”? This guy has the answer for a few:


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Cruisin’ Together.

Love this song. Love the man I’m cruisin’ with! Happy Saturday!

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Outta His Mind.

With Pandora and Spotify, I rarely listen to the radio these days… which makes me feel sort of out of the loop sometimes but then I remember that I don’t care. I love hearing new songs. Apparently this song was uploaded to YouTube in 2008… but it’s new to me and I love it.

The Guy That Says Goodbye To You Is Out Of His Mind by Griffin House:

Happy Saturday!

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Sometimes you just need some positive affirmation in your life.

Happy Saturday!

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Uncork it.

Hey! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

So a few weeks ago, BF informed me that we had plans “from 1-3 on April 24th” but it was a surprise. This obviously led me to immediately be overwhelmed with curiosity – for 2 hours? On Easter!? I bet he’s taking me to church (—just kidding…).  I had no idea.

Finally, Easter morning rolls around and, after a breakfast consisting mostly of Starburst jelly beans (my fave!), he informed me that we would be sipping wine, eating dessert, and painting that afternoon! He had (via LivingSocial – love it!) discovered Uncork’d and planned a surprise date!

Uncork’d, based in the DC Design Center, is such a cool concept! They invite local artists to come and be a guest “instructor” of sorts. Each “instructor”/artist comes with their own style – creating the “theme” of the session – and a unique experience everytime (as I can only imagine, at least – I’ve only been once.)

Our “theme” was abstract art (our session was “Just for fun”) and the artist who was our “instructor” was Lisa Jones. Lisa is a pretty well-known artist and has done some work for some famous athletes.

There are other themes offered by Uncork’d including: Couples Retreat, Alter Ego, Ladies Night, and Stress Reliever Saturdays. Check them out!

BF & I had so much fun sipping wine and being surrounded by creativity! It was fun to see the different paintings that resulted from Lisa’s painting (which was displayed to be everyone’s ‘insipration’). Here are some photos of our day:

The Uncork’d session we did (again, it was called “Just For Fun”) makes for a great date! I can imagine it being an especially good spot for newish daters because a) it’s during the day (or can be…), b) you’re not forced to sit across the tables, staring at each other as you awkwardly make small talk and c) it’s fun and you walk away with new art or at least a souvenir!

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