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I’m in New York.

I came up to NYC to visit the rents for the weekend – As you read this I’m hopefully through the rumored longass lines to see the Rain Room at the MoMA.  The exhibit ends July 28th so there’s only a week left! I’ve heard mixed reviews… some people loved it and some people thought it was a waste of hours of their lives. hmmm…

While we’re on the topic of New York, I wanted to introduce you to the website:  Humans of New York


Humans of New York is a project created by Brandon, a bond trader turned photographer, who goes around New York taking photos of people and hearing their stories.  In the section about the photographer, he says “I’ve taken nearly 5,000 portraits and written 50 stories. And I’ve met some amazing people along the way.

The captions under the photos are equally as awesome and fun to read as viewing the photos 🙂 Take some time and scroll through – maybe you’ll even see someone you know (I know less than 10 people in NYC but I can’t help looking for them)! The photographer even has a book coming out that would make a great addition to a lonely coffee table!

Hope you’re enjoying your Monday!

site found via A Cup of Jo

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Can I please tell you… one week from today I will be in Florida celebrating my birthday (big two four) with my brother, his girlfriend, BF and HARRY POTTER!!! I am a huge HP fan… and I seriously can.not.wait.

Since it’s Friday, I want to share with you something fun… I’ve shown you Awkward Santas, and I’m sure you’ve seen the Awkward Family Photos but have you seen…

Awkward Family PET Photos.

Awkward Family Pet Photos just shows animal lovers with their pets…

Do you have any awkward family or family pet photos?! I’d love to see them! I think the closest I have is our Tacky Christmas Sweater photos!

Have a great weekend!

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Does the pic need a Flach?

I am a dog lover. As probably most of you know. So when I came across this photographer a little bit ago, I was obsessed.

Tim Flach.

Tim Flach often photographs animals… mostly dogs (see the dog walking all over his homepage). His pictures aren’t just cute little fuzzy puppies in baskets, though. They are awesome, artsy portraits of  dogs (or bats, elephants, dancers & etc) in action, or so close that you can barely tell what you’re looking at!

Here are some of my favorites:

Enjoy!! I know I did.

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A Labor of Love.

Okay well…. its Spring (althought its felt like Summer recently) and love is in the air, flowers are blooming, birds are chirping…. all that good stuff.

Today’s blog kind of… illustrates all the loveliness of spring (and love). It’s called:

Our Labor of Love.



Our Labor of Love is a FANTASTIC blog created by a couple (pictured above) who are amazing photographers! Here’s what the website says about them:

We think you, your family celebrations, your friends and your true loves are beautiful, and any images that represent these milestones should illustrate the pure joy in these moments. In fact, the wife part of this husband-and-wife team will no doubt disarm you with her gentleness and charm while the husband part loosens you up with his cynical witticisms so that before you know it, you’ve got a miasma of artful photographs so achingly beautiful it will make your heart break like an egg. In fact, that is our hope here at Our Labor of Love Photography Studio, to break open everyone’s heart, because a closed heart is not photogenic.

But if you like the other kind of photographs, with the stilted posturing and the portraits where the subject looks as authentic as a big breast implant, we can do that, too, I guess. We’re incredibly agreeable, but we’ll probably try to talk you into loosening up.

The couple is nearly as cute as the photographs they take, ranging from weddings, engagements, portraits, and  families. They also have a section called “smile booth” which make super cute/memorable pictures- a great way to document guests! They even have an entirely separate section for weddings! (The “OLOL Site“)

Here are some of my favorites:

(I seriously love when they include the dogs!)



I seriously love their photography! What a great team! Check out more of their photos on their website… I couldn’t squeeze in all the ones I’m obsessed with or I might’ve ended up with basically their entire website on my blog!

Happy Mundane Monday!

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