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Fashion Week Friday.

To be completely honest, besides a few blogs and articles on Fashion Week, I don’t really follow the event all that closely. But, you see all these “street style” photos of people hanging out between shows and I can’t help but wonder “How much did they PAY for that outfit?!” (sometimes critically sometimes out of pure envy).

Well. This article from Yoodot asked a few attendees that question and here are some of the answers:






“Priceless”  – I LOVE that answer! For more outfits and prices, click the images above or here. Thank you, Alison at Brown Eyed Style for the link!

… THEN there’s Jimmy Kimmel’s prank … So funny!

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Check the Weather.

Last week, Refinery29 shared this clever little website that I want to make sure you didn’t miss! It’s called:

One of the things I really like about this website is how simple the design is. Bare-bone and to the point , yet still beautiful!

The website tells you the temperature and then suggests outfits based on the temps! (The location defaults to SanFran but if you click it, you can change it to either where you are or a zip code of your choice) The outfits they suggest (for men, women, or both), obviously and brilliantly, link to where you can buy them. If you don’t like their first suggestion, just refresh and it will give you more options. Seriously! Why didn’t iiiiii think of this?!

While I don’t really expect anybody to visit this site every morning to purchase the outfits of the day, it is a good way to get some style inspiration and possibly find a few new pieces to add to your wardrobe!

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“I knew I could help her with her appearance…”

So I may have lied… today is about as busy as yesterday… so… instead, I will share with you a video shown to me by Clarabelle (Check out her blog! She’s adorable and a half!).

It’s another video (like the one I showed you on Saturday) that shows you what NOT to do at an interview… only this one is from the ’40s!

I’ll have to remember to not wear a veil over my hat at the next interview I go to! (PS… who goes to an apartment for an interview!?)

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