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Mini Vacay Saturday.

We’re in Miami for the Red Bull Flutag! My brother designed Hard Rock’s… vehicle?

Here’s a sample of the kind of things we’re probably watching/doing:

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Dreaming of a Vacation.

Who doesn’t love daydreaming about traveling the world? Fathom is the perfect outlet and fuel to make your travel dreams a reality.


Fathom kind of reminds me of websites like Thrillist and Refinery29 in that it features a variety of topics: guides, shopping, contributor articles, etc. Only this one is for those who “suffer” from wanderlust. Fathom’s about section says:

We created this site for those who tour the world spontaneously and deliberately. Who combine business with pleasure and familiarity with curiosity. Who love new discoveries as well as old classics.”

I especially like their travel guides and shopping suggestions. Check out the site and start planning a few trips in 2013!

Have a great week! Be sure to check back tomorrowthere is something kinda exciting happening for “Tuesday Dudesday”!

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