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Fashion Week Friday.

To be completely honest, besides a few blogs and articles on Fashion Week, I don’t really follow the event all that closely. But, you see all these “street style” photos of people hanging out between shows and I can’t help but wonder “How much did they PAY for that outfit?!” (sometimes critically sometimes out of pure envy).

Well. This article from Yoodot asked a few attendees that question and here are some of the answers:






“Priceless”  – I LOVE that answer! For more outfits and prices, click the images above or here. Thank you, Alison at Brown Eyed Style for the link!

… THEN there’s Jimmy Kimmel’s prank … So funny!

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Chain hits my chest.

When I’m banging on the dashboard! Chain hits my chest when I’m banging on the radio!

I discovered this song from The Mindy Project (love this show). Totally my jam:

Need a chain after watching this video? I got mine at South Moon Under:

Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 6.19.24 PM

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Movie know it all.

To stay along the same theme as yesterday’s Tuesday Dudesday, I just want to quickly discuss IMDb.

I feel like most people know of this site… but recently I have run into a few people who didn’t. And as a HUGE fan, I feel like that’s kind of blasphemy and I have to share:

Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 6.39.36 PM

IMDb – the Internet Movie Database – is this huge website full of movie and TV information. It tells you everything from the director and actors (who all have links to their own page, etc), to more interesting things like mess ups and, my favorite, trivia.

I am seriously obsessed with looking at IMDb when BF and I watch movies at home. I think I kind of annoy him on occasion with my interruptions of “Did you know….” or “Oh my gosh look at what this actor looks like now!

For example… Did you know in Bridesmaids, Melissa McCarthy (Megan) and Ben Falcone (Air Marshall Jon) are real life husband and wife!?

Or… That the boy who played “Racetrack Higgins” in Newsies now looks like this (please tell me you’ve at least heard of Newsies – Christian Bale AND a musical? Yes, please.):

newsies then and now

Please visit IMDb, if for no other reason than to read some of the trivia from your favorite movies. It’s almost always awesome.

Between IMDb and Movieclips, I think you could easily become the next Movie Know-It-All!

Sorry if this is old news to you, but it is worth sharing, don’t you think?!

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Tuesday Dudesday: MovieClips.

So I was looking up some good example videos for this new product I want to market – it has to do with cell phones and charging multiple devices from the same USB … but that’s not the point.I came across this cool YouTube video:
I thought the video was effective so I decided to 1) use them as an example for what I want to do and 2) go check out the site.
Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 5.59.13 PM

How have I not heard of this site before? Seriously.

This site has millions of movie clips and makes it ridiculously easy to find that Emma Watson or Chuck Norris clip you’ve been dying to see again.

Taker ‘er for a spin.

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Tuesday Dudesday: Real Men Swear

RealMenSwear – or is it RealMenSwear – it’s like PetSmart – is it Pets Mart or Pet Smart!? AH!

RealMenSwear Either way, this tumbler is awesome:  “Another F*cking Mens Wear Blog” Love it.

Here are some of my favorites (sorry for the language, mom):




Check out this funny tumbler for a chuckle here and there. I love when people can have fun/make fun with out being total jerks. (via Of A Kind – if for no other reason, sign up for their 10 things we’re doing emails! they’re full of informative, fun stuff.)

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Ever since the BF got our iPad, I have rediscovered reading- sort of a sad statement, really, but true. So… in case you need some reading inspo, here are the books I have read in the past 6ish months:


1) Brain On Fire – A true story about a young 20-something woman who fights “crazy” and death for a month before being successfully diagnosed, treated, and healed enough to write her story.  Definitely recommend.
Amazon Rating: 4.5/5

2) Wonder This is a sweet and sometimes a little sad book about a young boy born with facial deformity. Makes you realize how easy most of us have it. Told through multiple people’s perspective.
Amazon Rating: 4.8/5

3) Life of Pi – Read before the movie. The movie does a fairly good job of keeping to the storyline but the book is obviously better because it goes into way more detail. If you haven’t seen the movie, I recommend holding off and reading the book first. THEN see the movie in 3D.
Amazon Rating: 4.2/5

4) The Art of Racing In The Rain – After not really digging the opening sample of this book, I decided to give it another try and was pleasantly surprised. This story is narrated through the eyes of the family dog who is super ____________ and desperately wants to be a human.  Im pretty sure this will be a movie soon enough.  Great animal-lover book.
Amazon Rating: 4.6/5

5) Gone GirlAnother book that will most likely be a movie soon. Crazy murder mystery with a surprise twist at the end! Easy read and perfect for your next vacation/beach trip.
Amazon Rating: 3.8/5

6) Glass Castle- This is an autobiography describing the author’s unique, nomadic childhood. It was okay but kind of depressing at times.
Amazon Rating: 4.6/5

7) I Can Barely Take Care Of Myself This was the first book where I didn’t read the “sample” before I downloaded it. That was probably a mistake. While I happen to love Jennifer Kirkman in Funny or Die’s Drunk History, and I agree with her on almost all of her (humorous but genuine) reasons, I wouldn’t really recommend this book… she drove home her points a little to hard for a little too long. We get it. You don’t want kids.
Amazon Rating: 4.3/5

8) Defending Jacob – Twisty murder-mystery about a DA who ends up working a murder of a boy at his son’s school. The last quarter of the book or so gets super intense! I kept yelling “OH MY GOSH!” and having to stop to tell the BF what happened. It was like that.
Amazon Rating: 4.3/5

9) Seriously… I’m Kidding  – I’m a huge fan of Ellen and I guess I expected her book to be on par with Chelsea Handler (If you haven’t read her books, get on it before reading any of the books in this list – so. funny.). This book is written in sort of a stream-of-thought style which is humorous but not hilarious. My favorite part was the letter to the mall security towards the end. This book would probably make a better audio book (which is also available).
Amazon Rating: 3.8/5

10) Currently reading: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?Just started this one. I think Mindy is so cute and funny so I hope this book is, too!
Amazon Rating: 4.3/5

11) Need to eventually finish: The Power of Habit – good book about how your brain creates habits. It’s been moved down my priority list… I’ll finish it eventually.

Not Pictured:

great gatsbyGreat Gatsby – Just like everyone else, I read this book in high school but wanted a quick reminder before the movie. (have yet to see it but love Baz Lurhman stuff! (ex: Moulin Rouge! and Romeo + Juliet).
Amazon Rating: 4.2/5

dave ramseyThe Total Money Makeover (on CD) – The BF recommended this one to me. Great way to remind yourself that being “financially fit” is important. Easy, actionable step-by-step guide to financial health.
Amazon Rating: 4.5/5

Comment with any other books you recommend! I am always looking for something new and worth it!!

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When people look like their pets.

I always love it when you see dogs that look like their owners. Apparently, I’m not the only one!

My dad just sent this video about an app in Australia where they match you with a shelter dog that looks like you! Whoever thought of this is BRILLIANT.

I really wish that they had this app for US shelter dogs. I bet there would be an increase in adoptions. Afterall, you’re going to have an immediate connection with the dog version of yourself, right?

So, of course, I had to try it.  Mine didn’t turn out as good as the video’s examples:


I don’t see the resemblance. I guess we have the same color hair… At least its a badass looking dog. That is a requirement come time to get myself a pup.

But still! Do I want to adopt the dog? Yes. This app totally works.

Come on, USA! Get with the program! I want a dog!

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Ellen. Love her.

Seriously! Love Ellen Degeneres. BF sent me this link today that needs to be shared with you.  The list consists of a TON of gifs (which I also love) of Ellen’s best moments.  (via Buzzfeed).

Click the screen shot below to see all 35.  Do it!



Happy Friday!

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The Repeller of Men.

This blogger is amazing. She  just exudes confidence and creativity! I totally want to be friends with her.

Don’t you love the concept behind the name “Man Repeller”? I feel like every girl has a few items/outfits that their boyfriends (or men in their life in general) just don’t get.

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Tatted Christmas.

Tattly is a website that sells beautiful temporary tattoos – I’m talking ones that adults would be proud to sport (they definitely were – in my family, at least). I love the inspiration behind the site, too. The founder said she was tired of her young daughter wearing “clip art fake tattoos.” Amen.


So I got my whole family some for Christmas.

There were 8 of us celebrating Christmas down in Florida this year so I ended up getting 4 sets of 8: the Black Set, Nautical Set, Watch Set, and  Premier Set.  My dad was the first one to put one on – and the first spot he picked was his neck! That quickly led to a family of neck tattooed people which, as you can probably tell by my photos below, is hilarious for us. Oh, and the dog got one, too!


(PS… I made this gif at Picasion GIF maker – so easy!)

After applying all our tattoos, we headed to the Madagascar Ice exhibit and then the next day, to  The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. – At both places we definitely got some stares.

tat4My mom’s tattoo was my favorite – it looked so real and good with her short hair! I also loved my diamond knuckles and even got a few inquiries about them being real! Hmm….

These small gifts were definitely a hit among my family members and just made me want a tattoo that much more.  Maybe a tattoo will happen in 2013.  

Hope you had a great Christmas, holidays, new year, everything.

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