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Mini Vacay Saturday.

We’re in Miami for the Red Bull Flutag! My brother designed Hard Rock’s… vehicle?

Here’s a sample of the kind of things we’re probably watching/doing:

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Back to school.

This day and age, I feel like HTML knowledge is a good skill to include on your resume. While I’m comfortable with basic formatting code, etc., I have been tossing around the idea of taking a class or two to brush-up and improve my skills.

Before I spend the extra $$ and time required by an college-type class,  BF recommended I try Codeacademy.


I just started and have made it through the first phase in the “Web Fundamentals” lessons. It has been pretty fast and easy so far, but definitely good to ingrain the basics before moving on. Here’s an example of what the lessons look like:

codeacademy - web fundamentals

Basically, it gives you a quick lesson and then some instructions to what you are supposed to do. All your coding goes in the right.

If you do anything with websites at your job or in your spare time, even if it’s just a personal blog, I definitely recommend checking out this website! Already mastered all the skills? Why not teach?

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When people look like their pets.

I always love it when you see dogs that look like their owners. Apparently, I’m not the only one!

My dad just sent this video about an app in Australia where they match you with a shelter dog that looks like you! Whoever thought of this is BRILLIANT.

I really wish that they had this app for US shelter dogs. I bet there would be an increase in adoptions. Afterall, you’re going to have an immediate connection with the dog version of yourself, right?

So, of course, I had to try it.  Mine didn’t turn out as good as the video’s examples:


I don’t see the resemblance. I guess we have the same color hair… At least its a badass looking dog. That is a requirement come time to get myself a pup.

But still! Do I want to adopt the dog? Yes. This app totally works.

Come on, USA! Get with the program! I want a dog!

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There’s an app for that.

We had a great time in Charleston, SC and there were a lot of apps that helped us along the way! Here are the top 5 I used:

Road Trip App1) Road Trip – When I was younger, my family would take long car trips (8+ hours) and  I would entertain myself by trying to find all 51 license plates. Now there’s an app for that! Road Trip is an app that keeps track of when and where you spotted the state’s license plate! We did really well and ended up finding THIRTY EIGHT out of 51. Not bad if I do say so myself. See below for screen shots:


Overdrive app2) OverDrive – This app allows you to download and “borrow” books and audiobooks from your library for FREE! All you need is a library card. While my parents used to force us to listen to boringass “books on tape” when we were younger, they now have cool books like Harry Potter, etc. you can listen to. I think the selection offered depends on your library but I’m not 100% sure about that one.
Spotify3) Spotify -This one is kind of a no-brainer. As I have mentioned before, music is crucial to road trips. The BF has the paid version of the app so he was able to subscribe to my playlist in addition to using the free “radio” feature. The playlist was especially helpful when we hit pockets of zero cell service.
Yelp-App4) Yelp – Seriously. This app (combined with my maps app) drained my phone because I used it so much. I used this app to find pretty much all our meals. BF kept telling me that I shouldn’t be “slave to the reviews” but that many people just can’t be wrong, right?! Click here to view my reviews.

waze app5) Waze – I downloaded this app a few months ago but didn’t really get it. Basically, its a GPS/social community for drivers. Your little icon cruises around the road you’re on and you can leave comments regarding cops, accidents, traffic, etc to warn other people. The more you interact, the more points you get. Not really sure what the points get you besides bragging rights… but lemme tell you it’s kind of fun/addicting. The tool is fun but obviously kind of… unsafe? if you’re not the passenger.  It could also be helpful when you want to avoid bad traffic and whatnot.  See below for screen shots:


Honorable mentions: Vine, Instagram, and Google Maps (obvi)

Can’t wait to test even more apps for road trips – there are a TON out there!

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2012 Mashup

Have you seen this mashup of all the popular songs of 2012? It’s pretty fun! Thanks Clarabelle for sharing!

What do you think?  Did they miss any songs you think should have made the mix?

PS Click “Show More” under the description of the video to view all the songs/artists included

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August Update


We went to Silopanna with some friends to see Citizen Cope (and other bands) perform. Great time even though, mid-show,  a severe thunderstorm rolled through!

We celebrated my 26th birthday (isn’t that cake BF made me adorable?!) by going to San Diego. While we were there, we saw Fun. (the band) perform live – they were AMAZING – great effects and sounded just like the album. We also ate delicious food, visited the San Diego Zoo,  and saw our good friends’ new baby, Griffin! What a ham.

We ended August by celebrating the BF’s birthday – I planned a “sort of surprise” party at The Sidecar of PJ Clarkes DC – it was great to see friends we haven’t seen in a while! (This place is HIGHLY recommend as a place to plan a party – as long as you get at least 20 people to come, the space is free, holds 100+ people, and they will provide the bartenders)

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Today deserves a soundtrack.

Because we’re young and it’s Friday, I have made a soundtrack.

Unfortunately, you need Spotify to listen to it. You should probably have Spotify anyway. Click below to listen to my jams.

We are Young

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Uncork it.

Hey! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

So a few weeks ago, BF informed me that we had plans “from 1-3 on April 24th” but it was a surprise. This obviously led me to immediately be overwhelmed with curiosity – for 2 hours? On Easter!? I bet he’s taking me to church (—just kidding…).  I had no idea.

Finally, Easter morning rolls around and, after a breakfast consisting mostly of Starburst jelly beans (my fave!), he informed me that we would be sipping wine, eating dessert, and painting that afternoon! He had (via LivingSocial – love it!) discovered Uncork’d and planned a surprise date!

Uncork’d, based in the DC Design Center, is such a cool concept! They invite local artists to come and be a guest “instructor” of sorts. Each “instructor”/artist comes with their own style – creating the “theme” of the session – and a unique experience everytime (as I can only imagine, at least – I’ve only been once.)

Our “theme” was abstract art (our session was “Just for fun”) and the artist who was our “instructor” was Lisa Jones. Lisa is a pretty well-known artist and has done some work for some famous athletes.

There are other themes offered by Uncork’d including: Couples Retreat, Alter Ego, Ladies Night, and Stress Reliever Saturdays. Check them out!

BF & I had so much fun sipping wine and being surrounded by creativity! It was fun to see the different paintings that resulted from Lisa’s painting (which was displayed to be everyone’s ‘insipration’). Here are some photos of our day:

The Uncork’d session we did (again, it was called “Just For Fun”) makes for a great date! I can imagine it being an especially good spot for newish daters because a) it’s during the day (or can be…), b) you’re not forced to sit across the tables, staring at each other as you awkwardly make small talk and c) it’s fun and you walk away with new art or at least a souvenir!

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This one goes out to all you ’80s babies!

Remember playing Oregon Trail on those retro Macintosh computers in elementary school?! I LOVED that game. It made the occasional “indoor recess” pretty much the best thing EVER.

Well… let me introduce you to a newer theme to the old game: its called…

Fall Out Boy Trail.

Fall Out Boy Trail takes the basic Oregon Trail mission (and adorable pixel graphics), and adapts it to the band-life. Your objective is to “Help the band survive a grueling tour across the country.”

After gathering your crucial supplies, consisting of oxen (you’re too poor to buy gas for your van, duh), nuggets, vitamin water, laser ammo, and “merch” (aka band merchandise), you are ready to get going. Along the way, you will encounter challenges including a “Guitar-Hero” kind of game, and surfing monsters who you will have to shoot lasers at (as you forge the river in your van…). You will need to choose who to party with (including rednecks, crackheads, frat boys, & etch) and may suffer from constipation or scary diseases like the dreaded “dingleberry.”

Note: For those who may want to play this game at work (tisk tisk ;-)),   I advise that you simply TURN OFF your speakers or put on those headphones because there are plenty of other sounds that may… draw unwanted attention.

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