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Mini Vacay Saturday.

We’re in Miami for the Red Bull Flutag! My brother designed Hard Rock’s… vehicle?

Here’s a sample of the kind of things we’re probably watching/doing:

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So some of you may be wondering “Where the heck has this girl been?” (okay probably just my mom  (my loyal blog reader)).

Well… a lot has happened since my last post in early August (sorry about that)… first of all… BF and I went to Florida, visited my brother and his gf, went out on the boat, and… drum roll.. visited Harry Potter Land!!

It was pretty awesome.

Then I turned 24.

Then, I got a job. That’s about all I’m going to say about that.

Then I did that half marathon I’ve talked about… didn’t run it. (womp womp – kinda felt like a failure… and made me wish I had stuck with training) I did get like.. 3 hours and 24 minutes though! and some ripped up feet.

What else… um.. I’ve gained like.. 7lbs.

And… most recently, me and BF have become temporary vegans….

…For the next 30 days. Starting yesterday.  Everyone who we tell is completely shocked and asks why we decided to “torture” ourselves like this. Honestly, we’re just kind of seeing if we can do it. Plus, it’s healthy (although I’m sure some would argue otherwise). Last night we had this “Cashew Curry.” It wasn’t bad. The cauliflower helped add… something to chew. Not a fan of the way we cooked the tofu… but we’re learning. Freezing it and cooking it/baking it & etc is supposed to help it get firmer… so it doesnt feel like you’re eating scrambled eggs with every meal. And by feel, I mean feel. For those of you who don’t know.. tofu has no flavor… just a “don’t think about it too hard” kind of texture. I’m very into texture so this is a big deal.

Tonight BF made this Asian Pasta Salad (using veggie noodles. don’t worry.) Yum! Can’t wait to eat it for leftovers tomorrow at work!

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