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Fashion Week Friday.

To be completely honest, besides a few blogs and articles on Fashion Week, I don’t really follow the event all that closely. But, you see all these “street style” photos of people hanging out between shows and I can’t help but wonder “How much did they PAY for that outfit?!” (sometimes critically sometimes out of pure envy).

Well. This article from Yoodot asked a few attendees that question and here are some of the answers:






“Priceless”  – I LOVE that answer! For more outfits and prices, click the images above or here. Thank you, Alison at Brown Eyed Style for the link!

… THEN there’s Jimmy Kimmel’s prank … So funny!

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March – July Update



March – my mom came to visit from NYC – took her around our old neighborhood – lots had changed – yet nothing had changed at the same time.

April – BF surprised me by taking me to a DC Rollergirls bout – I spent the whole time swearing I would learn how to rollerskate so I could kick some ass like those girls and Ellen Page in “Whip It.

I apparently didn’t document May… whoops.

June – one of my good friends Clare (of Clarabelle) got married! It was a beautiful wedding and we were so honored to be included! PS they had a BREAKFAST BAR at their reception – it was amazing.

July – on the 4th, my best friend in the whole wide world welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world! Olivia Rose Vitale!

I also got microdermal piercings in July – click here for the best visual I’ve seen on how it works. For those of you who are wondering, it is a “single entry piercing” and is basically permanent.

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“I knew I could help her with her appearance…”

So I may have lied… today is about as busy as yesterday… so… instead, I will share with you a video shown to me by Clarabelle (Check out her blog! She’s adorable and a half!).

It’s another video (like the one I showed you on Saturday) that shows you what NOT to do at an interview… only this one is from the ’40s!

I’ll have to remember to not wear a veil over my hat at the next interview I go to! (PS… who goes to an apartment for an interview!?)

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What’s your style forecast?

Sorry! Running SUPER late today! Busy morning.

Today’s website is called

Style Caster.



Style Caster is “The only destination for Style, Shopping and Social Networking.” The website focuses on six main categories: Fashion, News, Shopping, People, Sales, and TV.

In the Fashion section, you can view outfits based on your occasion, style, body shape, and even the temperature outside! It’s fun to see the different combinations you can come up with! Almost like playing with virtual paperdolls! IN the Fashion section, you can also see what outfit is most popular that day, and view other people’s “daily mirrors” (aka daily pics of their outifts..) ((I think this is my favorite section))

The News section talks about all the latest and greatest in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and celebrity. (Clarabelle, I think you would like not only this whole website but, especially this section! xo)

The Shop section not only tells you what’s hot in fashion right now, it tells you where you can get it. You can even put together an outfit from head-to-toe (back to that virtual paperdoll aspect again) and then purchase the entire thing online! This section also tells you about “exclusive sales” – very handy for those fashionistas out there!

The People section of this website is a combination of a Facebook/MySpace social network – only obviously more geared towards fashion. People can set up profiles, share their “daily mirrors…” They can also be rated/ranked by other members based on who they think is most fashionable that day (personally, kinda corny but… to each their own). I think my part of this section is seeing what other people are wearing by checking out their “daily mirrors” (althought it makes me feel on the verge of being a stalker, thats what it’s there for!) There are some cute outfit inspirations out there!

The Sales section… well.. self explanatory and already mentioned in the “Shop” category. It features things on sale (“Oh my gosh! Now that $2,000 coat is only $1,500! What a DEAL!” ….. just kidding).

Finally, the TV section has tons of mini videos & etc discussing celebrities and fashion. They feature gossip, beauty/fashion tips, celebs & etc.

Honestly, this site has so much going on, it could take you weeks to see the whole thing! Check it out! Get some fashion inspiration, find a new outfit, get a great deal, get your fill of celeb gossip… whatever you wanna know about fashion/style/beauty & etc, it’s probably somewhere on this website. If not, I’m sure one if its uber fashionable members would be happy to help!

Would you join this site? If I wore cute outfits everyday there’s a possibility I’d join, meanwhile, so not the case… so I’ll just stick to being the weird stalker.

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Okay so maybe I’m a little slow…

Today’s website is one that, now that I’ve discovered it, I realize looking back that a LOT of people beat me to it (Alison, of A Breath of Frake-Air finally told me about it recently). Buuuut I believe its still worth mentioning for those who haven’t.


bloglovin’ is a website/tool that allows you to follow all your favorite blogs without wasting time clicking checking emailed blog updates, clicking different links, searching through your bookmarks & etc… ! The cool part is, you don’t have to actually have your own blog to take advantage of this site.

Simply sign up (all you need is an email and password), and start adding your blogs right away! The left column will list all your favorite blogs and the right/main body of the page will have the most recent updated blog posts for you to read. All in one place! It kind of reminds me of an email inbox. It informs you of your new “messages,” or blog posts in this case, and allows you to “mark as read” or even “favorite” specific posts (I know I’ve personally spent hours looking through blogs for that tutorial or link that I wanted to find again- this trick would’ve come in handy…).

Oh! And did I mention you can even group your blogs? Organize them by topic, by how much you like them, whatev you want!

Here’s a screen shot of my bloglovin’ page so far. As you can see (marked by the “(1)” in the left colum and the top “message” in the right), Clarabelle has a new post for me to read! You can also see I “favorited” the post underneath from Design*Sponge (I so wanna make the DIY Jewelry Bust!).

For those of you who HAVE a blog… and did not know about this site… (I’m starting to feel like I’m the only one who was in the dark…) You can make it easier for those who are already bloglovin’ members to add you to their list! Simply go to the “Account” dropdown at the top of the page and click “Widgets.” This will bring you to a page where you can select a widget, copy the HTML code, and stick it in your blog! Then, all the person needs to do is click the image you have chosen and BAM! Followed. LOVE IT!

I’m so happy I found this website because, at times, it can feel overwhelming trying to visit all the blogs I love.

Enjoy becoming a member of bloglovin’, being efficient, and educating yourself about the finer things (blogs talk about) in life.

Click the button to your right (that looks like the one below) to follow me via bloglovin’!

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What’s wrong with the zoo?

Good Day!

Although I woke up thinking that it was Thursday (total letdown), I think it’s going to be a great day! Plus, BF and I are going to finally see Avatar in 3D IMAX (we’ve already tried twice- 1st time: sold out, 2nd time: technical difficulties)!!

Anyway… today’s website is for those of you who love fashion (and those of you who don’t, check it out anyway). The website is called:

What’s Wrong With The Zoo.

What’s Wrong With The Zoo covers everything involving “european.contemporary.fashion.” It features things like… runway shows, unique clothing and accessories, and extreme fashion. You can scroll through the main part of the site, or browse by categories (ex: Art & Fashion, Books & Mags, Calls & Events, DIY & Customizing, Sustainable Fashion, and Talks & Interviews… to name a few…).

I think my favorite part of this website is the “Street Seen” section.  It shows what people (in Europe, mostly) are wearing on a daily-basis as they run their errands & etc:

Take your time, browse through What’s Wrong With The Zoo, and maybe even get some fashion inspiration while being entertained in class or at work.

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Do you need IT?

IT as in I.T. as in Information Technology.

My blog of the day is actually my boyfriend’s — BUT before you scoff at me and roll your eyes….. I am not highlighting his blog because he is awesome (although I tend to think he is…), I am highlighting it because IT (the blog) is awesome!

The blog is called IT for You.

IT for You basically covers anything and everything tech-related. It gives great advice on topics ranging from the newest technology, pc vs. mac debates, and social networking, to iPhone tips, Wii tricks, and useful quips (yes, I just wanted to rhyme…).   I especially love when the blog discusses iPhones (one of his favorite topics) because, although I’ve had mine for over 5 months, I still am learning new things all the time (did you know you can take a screen shot with your iPhone? did you know you can locate your iPhone via GPS if it is ever lost/stolen?)

The blog’s most recent post, A Whole Bunch of Techy Goodness, highlights some of the most popular posts on the bog. My personal favorite: Access Your Computer from Anywhere. You have NO IDEA how many times that saved me when I was in school.

IT for You is a great resource for those problems where you sit back and say to yourself “how did they DO that?!” If the blog doesn’t cover it, I highly recommend contacting him and simply asking. This guy is a problem solver and would LOVE to solve YOUR problem.

Read through its posts and you will find that IT for You is a great way to kill some time when that mid-day slump hits you (or any other time of day) AND, instead of filling your head with silly things like websites dedicated to random look-a-likes, you are educatinge yourself. Learn about the technology you already own and some you might want to own in the future!

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Fashion-forward Friends

Happy Friday!

So… I love/envy people who have a unique style and a passion for fashion. My friend Clare is definitely one of those people.

This girl doesn’t get the mail without looking cute- even if she’s in rollers and not even trying! Her fashion sense, topic choice, conversation-starting photos, and humor make her blog a joy to read (and it’s not because I’m bias- its because she’s interesting and fun!).

Her blog is called Clarabelle.

Clarabelle talks about the latest in pop culture,  fashion,  do’s and don’ts,  celebrities, and current trends. She does a great job of including tidbits of her personal life, yet still focusing on her topic and leaving her persona intriguing and semi-mysterious. Clarabelle is good at connecting fashion passionistas (<like that?! copyrighted.) with others who share their interests. The blog also informs its readers about current giveaways, contests, and other opportunities that they may otherwise have missed.

Clarabelle is a fun, quick-read. A perfect blog to get your day going or give you a short break during that dreaded 3 o’clock hour.

Have a friend whose blog you adore? I want to see it!

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