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Fashion Week Friday.

To be completely honest, besides a few blogs and articles on Fashion Week, I don’t really follow the event all that closely. But, you see all these “street style” photos of people hanging out between shows and I can’t help but wonder “How much did they PAY for that outfit?!” (sometimes critically sometimes out of pure envy).

Well. This article from Yoodot asked a few attendees that question and here are some of the answers:






“Priceless”  – I LOVE that answer! For more outfits and prices, click the images above or here. Thank you, Alison at Brown Eyed Style for the link!

… THEN there’s Jimmy Kimmel’s prank … So funny!

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September Update

In September, we attended two friends’ weddings – one at a campground in Richmond and one on the beach in the OBX. The OBX wedding was also an excuse for a vacation with some great people!

At the end of the month, I went up to Chicago to visit my friend Alison (of Brown Eyed Style). We visited this awesome outdoor flea market, sipped on bourbon bloody marys, and even shopped with some hipsters at the US’s second largest Whole Foods – while filling up on wine and samples 🙂

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