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Tuesday Dudesday: Books books books.

Physical Books … how old fashioned.
Being a steward of all things digital as I am it is a little weird that when it comes to books I really prefer the physical copy rather than the electronic version.
I’m not sure what it is – maybe it’s because I stare at a computer screen for at least 8 hours in a day or maybe it’s nice to have something tangible in this world of digital relationships and text based conversations.
Too much?
Anyway there is this cool site I found a while ago called PaperBack Swap:

PaperBack Swap allows you to post your books and trade other users for their books. How it works is you post your books and when someone wants it – you send it to them (pay the 2 dollars in postage) and they get your book. Once this transaction occurs you get a credit which allows you to request a book from a user and they in turn send it to you. I think when you first start you get one credit for free but I could be wrong.

I have used this service quite a few times and it is awesome for those who enjoy physical copies of books and don’t mind waiting a few days to receive them. Plus it’s basically free (minus postage).

They also have a CD Swap and a DVD Swap.

Check ’em out.

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Tuesday Dudesday: MovieClips.

So I was looking up some good example videos for this new product I want to market – it has to do with cell phones and charging multiple devices from the same USB … but that’s not the point.I came across this cool YouTube video:
I thought the video was effective so I decided to 1) use them as an example for what I want to do and 2) go check out the site.
Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 5.59.13 PM

How have I not heard of this site before? Seriously.

This site has millions of movie clips and makes it ridiculously easy to find that Emma Watson or Chuck Norris clip you’ve been dying to see again.

Taker ‘er for a spin.

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Tuesday Dudesday: Rappers N Rappers N Rappers

A famous philosopher once said
“Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis – When I was dead broke, man I couldn’t picture this – 50-inch screen, money green leather sofa – Got two rides, a limousine with a chauffeur”
– Notorious BIG

Whoa Whoa Whoa. BIG I heard of that guy … he was a thug … a hoodlum … a DRUG DEALER …. true true – and Socrates fondled little boys – it’s all about context people.

Which kinda sorta gets me to my topic of the day… My new favorite site for all things music (in this case Rap) related is Rap Genius.


This site not only breaks a lot of new and awesome music it also takes each line bit by bitbyte by byte and explains every lyric in (sometimes) painstakingly detail.

Some of my favorite include:

I think that all the silence is worse than all the violence
Fear is such a weak emotion, that’s why I despise it
We scared of almost everything, afraid to even tell the truth
So scared of what you think of me, I’m scared of even telling you
Sometimes I’m like the only person I feel safe to tell it to
I’m locked inside a cell in me, I know that there’s a jail in you
Consider this your bailing out, so take a breath, inhale a few
My screams is finally getting free, my thoughts is finally yelling through”
– Lupe Fiasco – Words I never Said

– Kendrick Lamar – Don’t Kill My Vibe
and don’t forget…
– Jay Z – 03′ Bonnie & Clyde (dedicated to my Bonnie)

Check out the site for more.  

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Tuesday Dudesday: Real Men Swear

RealMenSwear – or is it RealMenSwear – it’s like PetSmart – is it Pets Mart or Pet Smart!? AH!

RealMenSwear Either way, this tumbler is awesome:  “Another F*cking Mens Wear Blog” Love it.

Here are some of my favorites (sorry for the language, mom):




Check out this funny tumbler for a chuckle here and there. I love when people can have fun/make fun with out being total jerks. (via Of A Kind – if for no other reason, sign up for their 10 things we’re doing emails! they’re full of informative, fun stuff.)

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Tuesday Dudesday: Art of Manliness

Hi. My name is Jeremy and I’m a Google addict … there I said it.

Seriously I Google EVERYTHING. Anyway I was looking up how to stop wasting time on Facebook and actually get some work done (I tried to just not do it and that didn’t work) – Soooo my search brought me to an awesome article on an awesome site.

The site is called The Art of Manliness.

Screen shot 2013-06-02 at 8.58.02 PM

What’s it about you may ask?  Google it.  Just kidding.

“The Art of Manliness is authored by husband and wife team, Brett and Kate McKay… In our search to uncover the lost art of manliness, we’ll look to the past to find examples of manliness in action. We’ll analyze the lives of great men who knew what it meant to “man up” and hopefully learn from them. And we’ll talk about the skills, manners, and principles that every man should know.” (About page)

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Tuesday Dudesday: Google Alerts.

Google Stuff Yourself? Who has time for that?

Is that phrase still going on? “I ain’t got time for that” – I don’t know. I don’t really keep up with the latest pop culture references but my Facebook friends sure do – thanks for keeping me in the loop guys – what would I do without you.


Google Alerts. Heard of em?

google_alerts copy

Well if you haven’t they are pretty sweeeeeeeeet.  They basically search the internet for whatever phrase you indicate and give you the latest back to your inbox. That might not seem that awesome but that’s because I haven’t show you what’s behind door number 3 …

Say I am a band and I want to know when my band is mentioned on the web o sphere.  I would just go to: enter in my band name, fill out the other criteria (see above), and viola – alerts sent to my inbox containing any mentions about my band. You can even search a specific site for a phrase – like Craigslist for the term “photographer”.  You would use a query like this: “photography OR photographer site: OR site:”

Hope this can be useful for you!

PS for my narcissists out there you can also Google your own name to make an alert about yourself

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Fly like a BOSS.

Airport Security Lines.


Especially around the holidays… Can’t stand it.

Oh yea this is Jeremy again. 2nd week in a row – woooo. Cue reminiscent dream sequence.

I traveled with the GF to Orlando over Christmas and on our way back, we waited in the longest security line in history. While we waited, I just stared at the Clear Card Line with nobody in it … Not a single person.

What is the Clear Card Line you may be wondering? Well. Glad you asked.


So I am a big fan of Tim Ferris who published the Four Hour Work Week, among other books, and he is an investor in a company called Clear. The premise of this company is that for a yearly fee you can completely eliminate airport security lines from your travels.

I think it’s a pretty solid concept overall but the HUGE downfall is that it is only available in a limited number of airports. As of now CLEAR can be used in Denver, LA, Orlando, Dallas, and Westchester, NY.

If I lived around one of these airports I would definitely look into getting a CLEAR Card.  But I don’t.  So more security lines for me.

Until Next Time.

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Be A Gym Hero.


Is this thing on?

I’m Jeremy.

For some reason the GF thought it would be a good idea for me to write once a week on her blog. I think it was so you all would realize how awesome her writing is … kinda like that ugly friend pretty girls keep around.

That’s mean. Sorry.

Anyway onto the article. Most of my posts will probably be about technology because that’s all I do.  That and sports or something.

Oh Yea Article.

I’ve started going back to the gym semi regularly and lifting weights again after a 7 year hiatus so I needed a great way to track my reps/exercises etc and paper and pencil is to complicated for me for some reason.

Enter an App called GYM HERO.


It’s pretty sweet. My favorite part is that it tells you how much total weight you moved that workout – you’d be surprised how much work you’ve done – or maybe saddened by your pitiful numbers.

If you are looking for a great/simple way to track your exercises I’d check it out.

And I’m OUT!

(Drops microphone and walks away)


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Its Karma.

Happy Dudesday Tuesday!

This Dudesday Tuesday is inspired by MY dude and his financial acumen.

The BF is super good with his money and I try to be more like him – but it’s hard… I love shopping online! In his efforts to get me straightened out, he introduced me to and I have become a HUGE fan – if you don’t use it, do it.


After connecting all your accounts, loans, credit cards, assets, everything, the site breaks down your financial situation into ways that are easy to understand and totally visual (think pie charts, line charts, etc). It also allows you to set up financial goals which I love.


BF also introduced me to the book “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” by Ramit Sethi.I actually haven’t finished it yet because I’m still stuck paying off some debt, reaching some savings goals, etc. but it is a great step-by-step guide to get your $$ in order.

teach you to be rich

What I like about this book is the author speaks in plain English about finances, giving you clear actionable steps to opening better bank accounts, reducing debt, and starting your savings and path to being rich.  I also get his emails – which, honestly, I don’t always read but skim when I feel they’re applicable.  They can be helpful and… I THINK it was one of the emails that led me to CreditKarma.


I actually introduced the BF to CreditKarma which I’m pretty proud of.  It reminds me in a lot of ways of but it is a free website that will not only give you your credit score, but it has different visuals (again, linegraphs, etc) breaking down the different aspects of your score and explain why it is what it is. It also allows you to create different scenarios and see how they would affect your score (ex: missing a payment, etc).


So if you haven’t taken a look at your credit recently, I definitely recommend checking this website out. It may be a great way to get your finances in order in 2013!

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Tuesday Dudesday.

I have mentioned here and there that I don’t want to leave the men out of my blog. So, as a reminder, I will try my best to blog about man-friendly stuff on Tuesdays. Tuesday Dudesday.

The Good Men Project

The Good Men Project is a website dedicated to men’s lifestyles. It actually started as a documentary that highlighted the need for some kind of community/ongoing conversation for men.

The Good Men Project describes themselves as “a community of 21st Century thought leaders around the issue of men’s roles in modern life. We explore the world of men and manhood in a way that no media company ever has, tackling the issues and questions that are most relevant to men’s lives. We write about fatherhood, family, sex, ethics, war, gender, politics, sports, pornography, and aging. We shy away from nothing.” Read more in their About section.

What a cool concept.

What I like about this website is, while it is obviously focused on men, women can comfortably skim through it. If you take a look around, you will occasionally see women’s questions answered, tips that apply to both genders, and stories that anybody can appreciate.

If the site is a little overwhelming (it has a lot of information and categories), maybe just start with their blog.

Happy Tuesday Dudesday! Thankful for all the great dudes in my life 🙂

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