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There’s an app for that.

We had a great time in Charleston, SC and there were a lot of apps that helped us along the way! Here are the top 5 I used:

Road Trip App1) Road Trip – When I was younger, my family would take long car trips (8+ hours) and  I would entertain myself by trying to find all 51 license plates. Now there’s an app for that! Road Trip is an app that keeps track of when and where you spotted the state’s license plate! We did really well and ended up finding THIRTY EIGHT out of 51. Not bad if I do say so myself. See below for screen shots:


Overdrive app2) OverDrive – This app allows you to download and “borrow” books and audiobooks from your library for FREE! All you need is a library card. While my parents used to force us to listen to boringass “books on tape” when we were younger, they now have cool books like Harry Potter, etc. you can listen to. I think the selection offered depends on your library but I’m not 100% sure about that one.
Spotify3) Spotify -This one is kind of a no-brainer. As I have mentioned before, music is crucial to road trips. The BF has the paid version of the app so he was able to subscribe to my playlist in addition to using the free “radio” feature. The playlist was especially helpful when we hit pockets of zero cell service.
Yelp-App4) Yelp – Seriously. This app (combined with my maps app) drained my phone because I used it so much. I used this app to find pretty much all our meals. BF kept telling me that I shouldn’t be “slave to the reviews” but that many people just can’t be wrong, right?! Click here to view my reviews.

waze app5) Waze – I downloaded this app a few months ago but didn’t really get it. Basically, its a GPS/social community for drivers. Your little icon cruises around the road you’re on and you can leave comments regarding cops, accidents, traffic, etc to warn other people. The more you interact, the more points you get. Not really sure what the points get you besides bragging rights… but lemme tell you it’s kind of fun/addicting. The tool is fun but obviously kind of… unsafe? if you’re not the passenger.  It could also be helpful when you want to avoid bad traffic and whatnot.  See below for screen shots:


Honorable mentions: Vine, Instagram, and Google Maps (obvi)

Can’t wait to test even more apps for road trips – there are a TON out there!

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Cruisin’ Together.

Love this song. Love the man I’m cruisin’ with! Happy Saturday!

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We leave for Charleston tomorrow morning!!! This print by “Note To Self” on Society6 seemed appropriate. To see more of their adorable prints, click the image below.  Love them all!!

Charleston good idea

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Workout on Vacation?


As I have previously mentioned, BF and I are planning a road trip that starts this Thursday to Charleston! We’re taking the “scenic route” to Charlotte Thursday, then completing our journey on Friday down to Charleston. We head back Sunday with a stop in Richmond.

We don’t really have any specific plans while we’re down there and vacations can kind of throw off a workout routine… so I did a little research and found this cool website that allows you to map out walk/jogs/runs…. and coincidentally enough, that is what it’s called.

Walk Jog Run.


There a bunch of different ways to utilize this site but I started by typing in the address of where we were staying and then selecting 3 miles under the “View Routes By Distance” option.

Here is what it showed me:


Seems like a fun/healthy way to explore the city one morning! I will most likely be representing the walk/jog person who would use this site… not much of a runner.

The site allows you to create routes, save routes, share routes, and more! I didn’t see any routes in my neighborhood and may be adding some for posterity when it warms up. They also have app that looks pretty cool. It costs $4.99 though which is a bummer. RunKeeper is a similar app that is free and has great reviews.

PS If you have any recommendations of where to go while in Charleston, SC or where to stop on the way, I would love to hear it!

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