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We leave for Charleston tomorrow morning!!! This print by “Note To Self” on Society6 seemed appropriate. To see more of their adorable prints, click the image below.  Love them all!!

Charleston good idea

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Share Your Space.

From what I’ve observed, people usually love or loathe Ikea. I happen to be on the love end of the spectrum but also lose a little respect for someone whose apartment is ENTIRELY from their catalog.

But… did you know that Ikea has its own website for customers to share their room designs ?! I think this is genius. Its called Share Space.


It’s fun to scroll through and take a small peek into other peoples home  (I happen to really love this – to the point of slowing down as I drive by a home that has their blinds open and lights all on… sorry if that’s creepy. I feel like its partially their fault…). You can see how people have utilized their space and Ikea products used – then save designs that you really like (after creating an account – takes two seconds) and even upload your own submission.

I think my favorite part of this site, though, is their blog. The blog talks about featured photo submissions, new products, trends, before-and-afters (my favorite!) and more!

Want to spruce up your place in 2013? Stop by Ikea’s Share Space for some inspiration.

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Dreaming of a Vacation.

Who doesn’t love daydreaming about traveling the world? Fathom is the perfect outlet and fuel to make your travel dreams a reality.


Fathom kind of reminds me of websites like Thrillist and Refinery29 in that it features a variety of topics: guides, shopping, contributor articles, etc. Only this one is for those who “suffer” from wanderlust. Fathom’s about section says:

We created this site for those who tour the world spontaneously and deliberately. Who combine business with pleasure and familiarity with curiosity. Who love new discoveries as well as old classics.”

I especially like their travel guides and shopping suggestions. Check out the site and start planning a few trips in 2013!

Have a great week! Be sure to check back tomorrowthere is something kinda exciting happening for “Tuesday Dudesday”!

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Tatted Christmas.

Tattly is a website that sells beautiful temporary tattoos – I’m talking ones that adults would be proud to sport (they definitely were – in my family, at least). I love the inspiration behind the site, too. The founder said she was tired of her young daughter wearing “clip art fake tattoos.” Amen.


So I got my whole family some for Christmas.

There were 8 of us celebrating Christmas down in Florida this year so I ended up getting 4 sets of 8: the Black Set, Nautical Set, Watch Set, and  Premier Set.  My dad was the first one to put one on – and the first spot he picked was his neck! That quickly led to a family of neck tattooed people which, as you can probably tell by my photos below, is hilarious for us. Oh, and the dog got one, too!


(PS… I made this gif at Picasion GIF maker – so easy!)

After applying all our tattoos, we headed to the Madagascar Ice exhibit and then the next day, to  The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. – At both places we definitely got some stares.

tat4My mom’s tattoo was my favorite – it looked so real and good with her short hair! I also loved my diamond knuckles and even got a few inquiries about them being real! Hmm….

These small gifts were definitely a hit among my family members and just made me want a tattoo that much more.  Maybe a tattoo will happen in 2013.  

Hope you had a great Christmas, holidays, new year, everything.

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12 Days of Christmas = $$$.

Hope you enjoyed my version of the 12 Days of Christmas! It was way harder than I thought it was going to be.  Sorry about some of the stretching.

My inspiration behind this “series,” if you will, was an article I read on MSN about how much it would cost if your “true love” did give you everything in the song.

It came to a whopping $107,000!

Here’s their breakdown. Click below or here for the whole article.



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