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Share Your Space.

From what I’ve observed, people usually love or loathe Ikea. I happen to be on the love end of the spectrum but also lose a little respect for someone whose apartment is ENTIRELY from their catalog.

But… did you know that Ikea has its own website for customers to share their room designs ?! I think this is genius. Its called Share Space.


It’s fun to scroll through and take a small peek into other peoples home  (I happen to really love this – to the point of slowing down as I drive by a home that has their blinds open and lights all on… sorry if that’s creepy. I feel like its partially their fault…). You can see how people have utilized their space and Ikea products used – then save designs that you really like (after creating an account – takes two seconds) and even upload your own submission.

I think my favorite part of this site, though, is their blog. The blog talks about featured photo submissions, new products, trends, before-and-afters (my favorite!) and more!

Want to spruce up your place in 2013? Stop by Ikea’s Share Space for some inspiration.

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Better late than never.

During my most recent blogging haitus, not only did I make that sunburst mirror, I also made the BF’s Valentines day present for 2012… which turned into a birthday present 6 months later… and then “I suck and I’m sorry I’m so late” present a few months after that.  Clearly this has become a trend. BUT! I finished it. (Just in time to do it again!)

Our rule for Valentines Day presents, which started a few years back, is that the gift has to be handmade. I seriously love this rule mostly because its always so fun to see what the BF is going to make!

So here’s the final product (to give you an idea of it’s size – it’s 69″x48″ – so it’s pretty big. Sorry, the colors are a little off in this one):


Here’s a more artistic version and a better representation of the colors:


Basically, I took a map from Amazon, laid out my design in Photoshop, got decals made for it, then stuck the decals on, painted over with acrylic paint, and peeled the stickers off (carefully!). I accidentally deleted the pics I had of the process but here is one before I peeled the decals:


It was a tedious process and since the paint is sitting on laminate, it is very fragile and can be scraped off easily, but it turned out how I intended.  It’s sitting over our couch right now which is not my favorite spot for it but… it will have to do until I find something else for that spot. Maybe something like below (only large canvas size)?! Too crazy?

sequin wall


Two weeks ago, I showed you my striped walls. Well, they just needed a little more oomph. So I turned to Pinterest – yes, I admit it. Pinterest. Like everybody else. And I found the sunburst mirror diy. To be fair, I made it before it was ALL over Pinterest… it was just sort of over it at the time.

Anyway, I started out by collecting a bunch of paint sticks from Home Depot. They were actually really easy to get – I just walked up and asked the kid behind the counter if I could take a bunch. Like… a bunch. He didn’t care – so I grabbed a few handfuls and awkwardly left.

Then I spray painted them all gold

I actually hated the color gold they turned out so went out and bought gold paint that had metallic shavings or something in it – it ended up being a much richer, more realistic gold than what the spray paint gave me.

Then I got a 12″ circle mirror from Michaels and divided it up like a pizza and hot glued the sticks on it. I did two layers: one shorter and one longer

Finally, I painted the inside of a 12″ needle point hoop gold and glued it on the mirror to frame it, glued a hanging thingy on the back and… Voila!

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Stripe Hype.

So the BF and I have lived in our apartment for just about 2 years now and we have had striped walls in our little nook between our bathroom and bedroom for probably about a year and a half of those 2 years. But I’ve been meaning to share it with you.

I ordered a roll of black vinyl that was about 6 or 7 inches tall, used an exacto knife to cut the stripes, and an old cd case to make sure it was adhered (high-tech, I know) –  and we went to town:

Of course the crappiest photo I have of the project is the final one – sorry about that.

These were surprisingly really a  challenge to put up – mostly because of them having to be perfectly straight – if one stripe is even a liiiiittle off, it could mess up the other ones farther up. It worked out and it was so worth it – the stripes are definitely my favorite part of our decor! My favorite view of them is from our bedroom (sorry about the shoes – typical.):

And that’s that!

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Crazy easy.

In my search for a “Soulmate [insert item here]” and other good deals, I often scour Craigslist. For hours.  Craigslist is an infamous time sucker.  Sometimes it’s fun but most of the time it’s down right frustrating, clicking on things that you hope may be that “diamond” just to find that they’re simply rough.

But I have good news!!! I have discovered a solution and I’m totally stoked!

CraigsEasy is a website that, with the risk of sounding like a cheesy infomertial, makes searching Craigslist fun again.

Here’s how it works:
1. Go to their website and add their “Easy” button (remind you of Staples?)  to your “favorites” tool bar.
2. Go to Craigslist, search what you want (ex: chair under $100 – see image below) and as soon as the page pulls up, hit the “easy” button. CraigsEasy will then do its magic – changing the mindnumbing gray and blue plain-ass website (no offense CL, it does the job…ish)  into an eye-pleasing, easy to search website that simply lists images, cost, and location of each post. It makes searching Craigslist so much faster and allows you to kiss way less frogs to find your prince – or “Soulmate [insert item here].”

If you’re not as stoked as I am about this, then there’s something seriously wrong with you. Just kidding…

… kinda.

Happy hump day! Happy Craigslist hunting!

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7Side inspiration.

Oh hey, Wednesday! Hurry up and be over so I can be closer to the weekend, k? Thanks.

So today’s post might be kinda familiar to some of you but… I just wanted to share with you, once again, my brother’s blog/talents and update you a little.  Below is a shortened version of a post I wrote a while back. With an update at the end.

Good morning!

Today’s blog is actually belongs to my (older) brother, Matt. He went to Virginia Tech and majored in Industrial Design. In other words, he may actually like art and design even more than ME! Matt is really into making things…

7Side Design …. allows you to peek into his artsy brain; from his hands-on projects and hobbies to his unique inspirations and experiences. This guy, who designs BOATS by day, leads a seriously awesomely art-infused life (in FLORIDA no less!)!

I think my favorite thing that Matt has created is one of his first 7Side projects, the Sanguine Dresser. I mean… it’s a dresser AND a shoe rack AND a headboard… how cool is that?! Another one of my favorite projects that Matt… made me my very own “e.” I seriously love it. (see below. )

Honestly, I think that 7Side Design is a great up-and-coming blog/company (and I’m not just saying that because he’s my brother). I seriously can’t wait to not only SEE more but hopefully one day OWN more of Matt’s creations!

Since that posting, a little over a year ago, Matt has done more work, like his wooden wall installations. Originally, I was thinking about having him come, and/or send me the supplies, to install our very own wooden wall up in our loft. Then I realized that the only real wall the loft has continues into a stairwell, and down the stairs, into the “entryway” – way too much wooden wall (especially for a rental..) – so we may have to make it more of an accent PIECE instead of accent WALL.

His walls look so cool though! I love all the different shades (which are totally natural!) The walls are seriously something straight out of Anthropologie (only one of my favorite stores of all time). Below are pictures taken from the 7side Design Blog:

Visit 7side Design’s blog and check out all his awesome creations! Happy Hump Day!

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Hello again.

So a few weeks ago I mentioned that BF and I were moving into a new place – well… we’re in! I literally left the day after we moved for a business trip (look at me all grown up!) so basically last week was the first week in it – I spent a lot of time realizing I have WAY too much stuff and WAY not enough closet space (is there ever?).

I really need to take some before pictures before we get too far underway but, as of now, BF and I only have bedroom furniture which basically means that we’re starting from scratch. For me, this is totally awesome and terrifying at the very same time. (Plus, as you can probably tell, maximizing this teenie space is going to be an extra challenge…)

So… to start out my ideas… I tortured myself for days thinking of layouts, styles & etc. Then, I finally pulled up….


Polyvore is a website that, especially if you view fashion blogs, you’ve probably seen before. Basically, it lets you create a collage of inspiration, fashion, interior design, etc. Then you can share it with your friends, blog viewers, & the world!

The best part? You are putting real items on the collage- things you can actually purchase! So, in theory, you could put together a whole outfit, room, whatever and then own it. Cool, huh. (click here to watch a video about Polyvore)

And finally….. drum roll please… here is a very very very VERY generic vision I have for our living room – it will most likely change dramatically. The only thing I am sure of at this point is a gray couch similar to the one you see below…. And, who knows, that may change, too.

living room ideas

living room ideas by emtier on

What do you think? Basically I want a very basic “background” of furniture so I can incorporate patterns, and pops of colors. I’ll definitely keep you posted on our progress- starting with before pictures very soon!

Happy Tuesday! One step closer to Friday!

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Mundane Monday. Once again.

Happy Mundane Monday!

I know it’s been a while since I blogged. I hate it. I hate how I used to blog every day and then once I stopped, it has just been stupidly hard to start up again. So I’m not even going to make any promises… I’m just going to do my best to keep up with it.

The blog I want to share with you today is one that I just discovered a few days ago. I discovered it and then proceeded to read it and obsess. It’s called:

The Craft Begins is a blog that kinda reminds me of my own (or at least how I envision my own being). It is full of slightly random, yet still artsy topics/images ranging from art, fashion, and photography,  to cooking, interior design, and anything else she may find inspirational.

Here is a full list of her content:

Right up my alley!!

Check out The Craft Begins – I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do!

Have a good week!

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Cupcakes and cashmere.

Okay guys! This is going to be a quickie! I’m a super busy girl today… But I wanted to share with you a blog whos author, Emily,  is just too cute – a fashionista for sure!

Cupcakes and cashemere is a blog that features the author’s own style – she often has photos of herself in adorable outfits (see below).  Although its mostly about fashion, the blog makes it more personal and fun by letting us peek into the Emily’s own life… her travels, eventsshopping finds, and even some recipe  and how-to (hair and makeup) ideas!


Oh! and did I mention this girl designed her own Coach bag!? How cool is THAT?! (see below)

Isn’t it GORGEOUS?! The girl’s got talent!

Visit the blog and see for yourself. Cupcakes and Cashmere has got it goin’ ON!

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Generate it.

I window shop. All the time. Sometimes, I go as far as adding everything I want to the cart just to see how much it would be if I really DID have the money!  This website is definitely one of those websites:

Generate Design.

Generate Design is an online store that sells super awesome super unique things… Yes, they are often on the expensive side but… that’s because you can’t find most of the stuff anywhere else!

The products that this website offers fall into five basic categories: lighting, home, kids, wearables, and limited editions (aka megabuck stuff).

Here are some of my favorite products:





Okay… so maybe that last one isnt toooooo original (I’m pretty sure I’ve featured it from another store before)… but I just love it!

Anyway… check out the online store and get some great gift ideas for you or your loved ones!

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