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Fashion Week Friday.

To be completely honest, besides a few blogs and articles on Fashion Week, I don’t really follow the event all that closely. But, you see all these “street style” photos of people hanging out between shows and I can’t help but wonder “How much did they PAY for that outfit?!” (sometimes critically sometimes out of pure envy).

Well. This article from Yoodot asked a few attendees that question and here are some of the answers:






“Priceless”  – I LOVE that answer! For more outfits and prices, click the images above or here. Thank you, Alison at Brown Eyed Style for the link!

… THEN there’s Jimmy Kimmel’s prank … So funny!

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Treat yo’self.

Last week, I was just not happy with my hair. It was one of those weeks. So I made my first blow out appointment!

It while I’ve heard about them through blogs, etc, I have never been to a blow dry bar. They’re actually kind of rare in Northern VA! I ended up going to FLOW in Reston… and of course I picked the day that it was monsooning outside. Fail.

Screen shot 2013-06-11 at 6.37.52 PM

When I first walked in, I was barely greeted and was kind of sat in the chair for a few minutes without knowing how this was going to go down… but then my hairstylist, Shantelle, showed up. She was super cute and we had some nice conversation while she washed and blow dried my hair. They offer a few different styles and services. I opted for the “F.L.O.W.” blow out which is their namesake look. Basically straight with some body at the bottom. The whole thing cost $35 before tip.

she doesn't even go hereI was very happy with my results and would definitely go back and recommend to friends! Here’s an awkward selfsie of me after running with my hood tied all the way tight – like the guy in Mean Girls (“She doesn’t even go here!”)


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Tuesday Dudesday: Real Men Swear

RealMenSwear – or is it RealMenSwear – it’s like PetSmart – is it Pets Mart or Pet Smart!? AH!

RealMenSwear Either way, this tumbler is awesome:  “Another F*cking Mens Wear Blog” Love it.

Here are some of my favorites (sorry for the language, mom):




Check out this funny tumbler for a chuckle here and there. I love when people can have fun/make fun with out being total jerks. (via Of A Kind – if for no other reason, sign up for their 10 things we’re doing emails! they’re full of informative, fun stuff.)

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Check the Weather.

Last week, Refinery29 shared this clever little website that I want to make sure you didn’t miss! It’s called:

One of the things I really like about this website is how simple the design is. Bare-bone and to the point , yet still beautiful!

The website tells you the temperature and then suggests outfits based on the temps! (The location defaults to SanFran but if you click it, you can change it to either where you are or a zip code of your choice) The outfits they suggest (for men, women, or both), obviously and brilliantly, link to where you can buy them. If you don’t like their first suggestion, just refresh and it will give you more options. Seriously! Why didn’t iiiiii think of this?!

While I don’t really expect anybody to visit this site every morning to purchase the outfits of the day, it is a good way to get some style inspiration and possibly find a few new pieces to add to your wardrobe!

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Hey, Four Eyes!

So I recently came across a company that I am now obsessed with. I know… you’re thinking… “this is how her blogs always start.” I can’t help it though! It’s true!

Warby Parker is an eyeglasses company that sells super nice/designer style glasses at attainable prices – not just attainable – AWESOME prices! Frames plus a prescription for $95!

But it wasn’t the price that originally drew me/sold me on Warby Parker – it was their business concept! They make it insanely easy the whole way through the purchasing process.

First, you can start out by selecting your face shape and width to narrow down your selection. Then, you can either try the glasses on virtually or have up to 5 pairs delivered to your home – I opted to have the glasses delivered (can you really trust those virtual things?) and a few days later, a super nice box arrived with: Prestons, Webbs, Sinclairs, Zaggs, and one more that I forget…

But anyway, you are allowed to keep the glasses for 5 days to try them out, show your friends, etc. After that, you simply send them back (they provide the shipping label and everything). If you found one you like, you just send them your prescription and buy the frames you want.

Not only do you get awesome glasses for $95… but here’s (one of) the best part(s): For every pair you purchase, they give a pair of glasses to someone in need! Similar to TOMS – but… more fashionable and buyer friendly (in my opinion).

In the excitement of receiving the glasses and the disappointment of none of them being quite right, I forgot to take photos of me in the glasses… kinda a bummer. I would’ve liked your opinion.  If you’re not sure what to think of the glasses you are considering and need advice, Warby Parker even offers to help you find a pair that works for you via Twitter or Facebook! Brilliant.

I am going for that Geek Chic look for my next pair of glasses. The ones that were closest to what I want were the Prestons (below)… but they just weren’t quiiiite right – which 100% broke my heart.  Seriously. I want a pair so bad. I even want to name my dog Warby Parker… Maybe I’ll try their Sunglasses.

Happy Monday! Have a good week!

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Style aspirations.

The website I’m showing you today sort of reminds me of “What I saw today,” the website I discussed yesterday…  only a girl version.

I want to be heris a blog that highlights a different women and their style each day. Sometimes the women are sketched, sometimes they’re photos. Sometimes they’re women the blogger knows, sometimes they’re women she simply saw in the supermarket & etc.

The main author of the blog, Andrea Linett, used to be a creative director for Lucky Magazine and is the current director of eBay Fashion. I felt a bond with her immediately when I read in the “About Us” section:

“…I want to be a different woman every day. Sometimes I see her on the street, sometimes I see her in a magazine, but I always want to try her clothes on even if it’s just for one day.”

Love that. That’s totally me. I often get bored with myself and feel inspired by other peoples’ style – even if it isn’t something I would ever consider (slash have the guts to wear). The other blogger, Anne Johnston Albert, is the illustrator and fashion designer. She takes Andrea’s self-described “notebook scratchings” and turns them into visions.

Each of the women featured on the blog get some kind of background painted about them and then different aspects of their style are highlighted. I don’t know about you, but I’m totally inspired. If only I had the funds to revamp my tired wardrobe!

Here are a few of my favorite looks:

Check out “I want to be her!” You may get some new style ideas! Which styles are your favorite?

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I love art. I love seeing other people’s art and inspiration. The site I’d like to show you today shows you glimpses into an artist’s sketchbook and the high fashion world.

What I Saw Today displays men’s fashions through the eyes of the artist Richard Haines. In fact, his sketches have become pretty famous and he’s been featured in lots of fashion magazines, brands, etc.

I seriously love the way he sketches. I don’t know what it is. I think I really appreciate the confident, dark pencil strokes- (vs. those bullshit noncommittal sketch lines that most people/artists (including myself) find themselves doing). He definitely seems to capture not only the clothing but the overall vibe of each of his models.

Although Haines’ niche – or at least what he’s known for – is men’s fashion, he does do other subjects as well (including women and nakies (my “back to childhood” term for naked people)).

If I were one of those models I would for SURE want a copy of myself that he’s done… hell, if I was MYSELF I’d want a copy of his work – even if it WASN’T  me. Too bad he doesn’t do poster-size (and poor-girl budgets). I could totally see some of his stuff being potential “soulmate art” for my place.

What do you think? Do you love this as much as I do?!

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Jonesin’ for jewelry.

As grocery, department, and greeting card stores have been reminding us since January 2nd, Valentines day is right around the corner!

Thanks to The Craft Begins, I have found the perfect Valentines Day gift idea for all you ladies and a perfect gift solution for all you gentlemen:

Elva Fields is a store that sells the prettiest, chunky necklaces – what I like to call “Power Necklaces” (aka what I would (want to) wear to an interview).

Elva Fiels has not only gorgeous necklaces, but also earrings, and even custom design bridal collections!

Here are some of my favorites:

Isn’t that yellow bridal necklace AMAZING?!

Check out the website and see for yourself – Elva Fields has some great stuff!

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Hello again.

So a few weeks ago I mentioned that BF and I were moving into a new place – well… we’re in! I literally left the day after we moved for a business trip (look at me all grown up!) so basically last week was the first week in it – I spent a lot of time realizing I have WAY too much stuff and WAY not enough closet space (is there ever?).

I really need to take some before pictures before we get too far underway but, as of now, BF and I only have bedroom furniture which basically means that we’re starting from scratch. For me, this is totally awesome and terrifying at the very same time. (Plus, as you can probably tell, maximizing this teenie space is going to be an extra challenge…)

So… to start out my ideas… I tortured myself for days thinking of layouts, styles & etc. Then, I finally pulled up….


Polyvore is a website that, especially if you view fashion blogs, you’ve probably seen before. Basically, it lets you create a collage of inspiration, fashion, interior design, etc. Then you can share it with your friends, blog viewers, & the world!

The best part? You are putting real items on the collage- things you can actually purchase! So, in theory, you could put together a whole outfit, room, whatever and then own it. Cool, huh. (click here to watch a video about Polyvore)

And finally….. drum roll please… here is a very very very VERY generic vision I have for our living room – it will most likely change dramatically. The only thing I am sure of at this point is a gray couch similar to the one you see below…. And, who knows, that may change, too.

living room ideas

living room ideas by emtier on

What do you think? Basically I want a very basic “background” of furniture so I can incorporate patterns, and pops of colors. I’ll definitely keep you posted on our progress- starting with before pictures very soon!

Happy Tuesday! One step closer to Friday!

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Mundane Monday. Once again.

Happy Mundane Monday!

I know it’s been a while since I blogged. I hate it. I hate how I used to blog every day and then once I stopped, it has just been stupidly hard to start up again. So I’m not even going to make any promises… I’m just going to do my best to keep up with it.

The blog I want to share with you today is one that I just discovered a few days ago. I discovered it and then proceeded to read it and obsess. It’s called:

The Craft Begins is a blog that kinda reminds me of my own (or at least how I envision my own being). It is full of slightly random, yet still artsy topics/images ranging from art, fashion, and photography,  to cooking, interior design, and anything else she may find inspirational.

Here is a full list of her content:

Right up my alley!!

Check out The Craft Begins – I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do!

Have a good week!

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