Back to school.

This day and age, I feel like HTML knowledge is a good skill to include on your resume. While I’m comfortable with basic formatting code, etc., I have been tossing around the idea of taking a class or two to brush-up and improve my skills.

Before I spend the extra $$ and time required by an college-type class,  BF recommended I try Codeacademy.


I just started and have made it through the first phase in the “Web Fundamentals” lessons. It has been pretty fast and easy so far, but definitely good to ingrain the basics before moving on. Here’s an example of what the lessons look like:

codeacademy - web fundamentals

Basically, it gives you a quick lesson and then some instructions to what you are supposed to do. All your coding goes in the right.

If you do anything with websites at your job or in your spare time, even if it’s just a personal blog, I definitely recommend checking out this website! Already mastered all the skills? Why not teach?

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