I got it from my momma.

Well, just half really.

The BF found this thing online where you can submit your DNA to be tested for all sorts of things related to health and ancestry. If you watched Greys Anatomy this season, I think it’s kind of like the genome mapping that Bailey was doing  (love her!)…


Screen shot 2013-06-11 at 6.13.49 PM

Anyway, we did it. It involved ordering a kit, spitting into a little tube, mailing it back, and answering a series of surveys/questionnaires. Then, about 2 months later, they email you with your results. I was honestly pretty nervous about it – I mean… do I really want to know that I’m likely to die from X Y or Z later?! But it wasn’t really like that. Nothing too terrifying. It was also cool to find out my ancestry – It wasn’t really a shocker… but interesting nonetheless.

If you are more interested in your ancestry and don’t want to see your health information, they allow you to do that. If you only want your health info and don’t want to be contacted about possible relatives on the site, that is an option, too. (I got an email that they found someone I probably shared a relative with over 250 years ago! It’s amazing what DNA can tell you!)

Check out the website for more information!


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