Workout on Vacation?


As I have previously mentioned, BF and I are planning a road trip that starts this Thursday to Charleston! We’re taking the “scenic route” to Charlotte Thursday, then completing our journey on Friday down to Charleston. We head back Sunday with a stop in Richmond.

We don’t really have any specific plans while we’re down there and vacations can kind of throw off a workout routine… so I did a little research and found this cool website that allows you to map out walk/jogs/runs…. and coincidentally enough, that is what it’s called.

Walk Jog Run.


There a bunch of different ways to utilize this site but I started by typing in the address of where we were staying and then selecting 3 miles under the “View Routes By Distance” option.

Here is what it showed me:


Seems like a fun/healthy way to explore the city one morning! I will most likely be representing the walk/jog person who would use this site… not much of a runner.

The site allows you to create routes, save routes, share routes, and more! I didn’t see any routes in my neighborhood and may be adding some for posterity when it warms up. They also have app that looks pretty cool. It costs $4.99 though which is a bummer. RunKeeper is a similar app that is free and has great reviews.

PS If you have any recommendations of where to go while in Charleston, SC or where to stop on the way, I would love to hear it!

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