Fly like a BOSS.

Airport Security Lines.


Especially around the holidays… Can’t stand it.

Oh yea this is Jeremy again. 2nd week in a row – woooo. Cue reminiscent dream sequence.

I traveled with the GF to Orlando over Christmas and on our way back, we waited in the longest security line in history. While we waited, I just stared at the Clear Card Line with nobody in it … Not a single person.

What is the Clear Card Line you may be wondering? Well. Glad you asked.


So I am a big fan of Tim Ferris who published the Four Hour Work Week, among other books, and he is an investor in a company called Clear. The premise of this company is that for a yearly fee you can completely eliminate airport security lines from your travels.

I think it’s a pretty solid concept overall but the HUGE downfall is that it is only available in a limited number of airports. As of now CLEAR can be used in Denver, LA, Orlando, Dallas, and Westchester, NY.

If I lived around one of these airports I would definitely look into getting a CLEAR Card.  But I don’t.  So more security lines for me.

Until Next Time.

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