Better late than never.

During my most recent blogging haitus, not only did I make that sunburst mirror, I also made the BF’s Valentines day present for 2012… which turned into a birthday present 6 months later… and then “I suck and I’m sorry I’m so late” present a few months after that.  Clearly this has become a trend. BUT! I finished it. (Just in time to do it again!)

Our rule for Valentines Day presents, which started a few years back, is that the gift has to be handmade. I seriously love this rule mostly because its always so fun to see what the BF is going to make!

So here’s the final product (to give you an idea of it’s size – it’s 69″x48″ – so it’s pretty big. Sorry, the colors are a little off in this one):


Here’s a more artistic version and a better representation of the colors:


Basically, I took a map from Amazon, laid out my design in Photoshop, got decals made for it, then stuck the decals on, painted over with acrylic paint, and peeled the stickers off (carefully!). I accidentally deleted the pics I had of the process but here is one before I peeled the decals:


It was a tedious process and since the paint is sitting on laminate, it is very fragile and can be scraped off easily, but it turned out how I intended.  It’s sitting over our couch right now which is not my favorite spot for it but… it will have to do until I find something else for that spot. Maybe something like below (only large canvas size)?! Too crazy?

sequin wall


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