New Year, New Theme.


So 2012 was my “No Fear Year.”  I didn’t really have huge “no fear” moments but did manage to look change in the face:  dying my lifelong blonde hair red, getting bangs a few weeks ago (there’s a pic of me to the right with my new bangs in line to meet The Sartorialist!) , getting some piercings I used to just talk about, and signing up for LA Boxing. There are two things on my “no fear year” list that didn’t get checked off. One of them was getting a tattoo… maybe that will be completed in 2013.

I’ve dubbed 2013 my “Get Fit Year.” I’m actually sort of embarrassed by this because I know that everyone’s’ New Years Resolutions are about losing weight, etc.


Instead of having ambiguous goals that live about as long as a stink bug, I want to create more measurable, do-able goals for this year that will hopefully become part of my lifestyle and lead me to live a healthier year/life:

1.  Eat breakfast every morning
2.  Go to the gym at least 3x a week
3.  Avoid eating carbs except on Saturdays
4. Take a multivitamin daily
5. Try to focus less on my scale and more on my health in general.

I also want to throw in a little running,  cooking, and crafting.  How do you feel about New Year’s Resolutions? Worth it or worthless?

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One thought on “New Year, New Theme.

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