Gifts that keep on livin’.

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, everyone has Christmas on the brain. I seriously always struggle with gift ideas – for myself and for others… but here are some gift ideas for the “pet lover” people – or, more specifically those (like myself) who desperately want a dog but probably will have to settle with the likes of a fish for a while longer:

The EcoSphere is my favorite – it comes in a bunch of sizes and would make a great addition to a desk or counter space (also available on Amazon)! Defintely a “grown-ups” Sea-Monkeys.

There’s also the BlueiQ which is very similar (although not 100% enclosed):

For those with maybe a little more $$ burning a hole in their pockets, you could get Jelly Fish Art:

While I’m not really fond of the idea of having insects as pets, my brothers and I did have an ant farm growing up that was pretty fascinating. This one has even been made into a picture frame making it totally okay acceptable!  I can’t seem to find an ant farm like this that you can buy (huge bummer) but it would be easy enough to make... I even found a farm that is break resistant and escape proof.

There are obviously plenty of cool (affordable) fish aquariums out there:

Or if you are afraid of gifting a live present, you could always just get the pet lover a FurbyI’ve heard they’re back.

Just some ideas. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

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