Two weeks ago, I showed you my striped walls. Well, they just needed a little more oomph. So I turned to Pinterest – yes, I admit it. Pinterest. Like everybody else. And I found the sunburst mirror diy. To be fair, I made it before it was ALL over Pinterest… it was just sort of over it at the time.

Anyway, I started out by collecting a bunch of paint sticks from Home Depot. They were actually really easy to get – I just walked up and asked the kid behind the counter if I could take a bunch. Like… a bunch. He didn’t care – so I grabbed a few handfuls and awkwardly left.

Then I spray painted them all gold

I actually hated the color gold they turned out so went out and bought gold paint that had metallic shavings or something in it – it ended up being a much richer, more realistic gold than what the spray paint gave me.

Then I got a 12″ circle mirror from Michaels and divided it up like a pizza and hot glued the sticks on it. I did two layers: one shorter and one longer

Finally, I painted the inside of a 12″ needle point hoop gold and glued it on the mirror to frame it, glued a hanging thingy on the back and… Voila!

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3 thoughts on “SunBurstin’.

  1. socialsonya says:

    You are so talented 😀 Love it!

  2. […] my most recent blogging haitus, not only did I make that sunburst mirror, I also made the BF’s Valentines day present for 2012… which turned into a birthday […]

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