So two weeks ago, I shared with you my recipe plan for the week. I ended up not really following the schedule but did make everything! Honestly, none of them were a fail. None. They all come recommended which is sort of unusual!

Because Thanksgiving is only a few days away, I want to highlight the Thai-spiced Pumpkin soup recipe because holy.crap. it was good. And would make a great addition to any Thanksgiving meal. I promise, people will rave. (sorry about the gross green bowls – not the most appetizing color for a photo…)

 Thai-Spiced Acorn Squash Soup

First, I would like to point out that, while the recipe says you can use any squash, it recommends you use acorn squash – why it wasn’t just called “Thai-spiced Acorn Squash Soup” – maybe acorn squash is a kind of pumpkin. Beats me.

I followed the instructions basically to the ‘T’ (as I always aim to do – definitely not competent enough to “wing it”) but I have a few suggestions:

1) When the step comes to mix the ingredients with a hand mixer, just pour it in your blender instead – it should all fit. This will reduce the amount of mess you make (it splatters EVERYWHERE with a hand mixer) and the amount of chewing required when eating your soup (who wants a chunky/grainy soup? not me.)

2) The recipe suggests adding a little water or veggie stock to get it the thickness you want – I ended up using veggie broth instead and needed the whole can (regular size) to get it the thickness I wanted (again, not trying to chew my soup).

3) Instead of just one teaspoon of the Thai Curry paste, I ended up using 6. Yes, 6. So did the girl who wrote the recipe though so I guess it’s common and depends on your taste. BF and I also added a whole bunch of salt and pepper.

This soup was seriously so good. And surprisingly filling! Also, this soup would be equally good served cold – if that’s what you’re into.

Do you have a recipe you’re “famous” for making in your family? This may become mine. Happy Thanksgiving!

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