The doctor is in.

I don’t know about you but I’ve have a really hard time finding doctors. 

That is where these guys come in:

But first, a little background…

I didn’t realize that finding a doctor took mad skillz.  Like anybody new to an insurance company,  I started my doctor search using their website. It only takes one attempt at this strategy to realize that it is completely time and soul sucking. So I gave up. No rush. I wasn’t sick – just thought I should have a go-to guy.

Then… a pull-up bar fell on my head. Blood gushed, tears flowed, and I turned to Google.   After a quick search, I selected a doc who had the same last name as the only doctor I had and liked: Nguyen. No joke. I basically picked a doctor based on a last name equivalent to “Smith.” And they took my insurance! So off I went.

To summarize my visit, the doc decided I had a rare blood disorder and forced me to go the ER.  A whole day and $150 later, I find out what I already knew – that I had a little bump on my head.

As you can probably imagine, I was a little apprehensive the next time I needed a doctor but I started the dreaded search yet again.  Fortunately, I stumbled upon ZocDoc.

When it comes down to it, ZocDoc is basically a user-friendly version of your Insurance website. You start by filling out some basic info are taken to a neatly organized results page. The results (ex: eye doctors in Vienna, VA) include not only reviews of qualifying doctors, but also photos, bios, and their availability. You can even schedule your appointment right there – without ever having to call anybody!

So that’s what I did. I found a great doctor, everything went smoothly, and I’ll never go back.

At this risk of sounding like I was paid to say this (I wish..), don’t bother struggling with your insurance’s website or risk your time, money, or worse with the first doctor in your search results.  ZocDoc is way better (and who can resist those cute little doctors?!).

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