March – July Update



March – my mom came to visit from NYC – took her around our old neighborhood – lots had changed – yet nothing had changed at the same time.

April – BF surprised me by taking me to a DC Rollergirls bout – I spent the whole time swearing I would learn how to rollerskate so I could kick some ass like those girls and Ellen Page in “Whip It.

I apparently didn’t document May… whoops.

June – one of my good friends Clare (of Clarabelle) got married! It was a beautiful wedding and we were so honored to be included! PS they had a BREAKFAST BAR at their reception – it was amazing.

July – on the 4th, my best friend in the whole wide world welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world! Olivia Rose Vitale!

I also got microdermal piercings in July – click here for the best visual I’ve seen on how it works. For those of you who are wondering, it is a “single entry piercing” and is basically permanent.

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One thought on “March – July Update

  1. […] a pic of me to the right with my new bangs in line to meet The Sartorialist!) , getting some piercings I used to just talk about, and signing up for LA Boxing. There are two things on my “no fear […]

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