Hey, Four Eyes!

So I recently came across a company that I am now obsessed with. I know… you’re thinking… “this is how her blogs always start.” I can’t help it though! It’s true!

Warby Parker is an eyeglasses company that sells super nice/designer style glasses at attainable prices – not just attainable – AWESOME prices! Frames plus a prescription for $95!

But it wasn’t the price that originally drew me/sold me on Warby Parker – it was their business concept! They make it insanely easy the whole way through the purchasing process.

First, you can start out by selecting your face shape and width to narrow down your selection. Then, you can either try the glasses on virtually or have up to 5 pairs delivered to your home – I opted to have the glasses delivered (can you really trust those virtual things?) and a few days later, a super nice box arrived with: Prestons, Webbs, Sinclairs, Zaggs, and one more that I forget…

But anyway, you are allowed to keep the glasses for 5 days to try them out, show your friends, etc. After that, you simply send them back (they provide the shipping label and everything). If you found one you like, you just send them your prescription and buy the frames you want.

Not only do you get awesome glasses for $95… but here’s (one of) the best part(s): For every pair you purchase, they give a pair of glasses to someone in need! Similar to TOMS – but… more fashionable and buyer friendly (in my opinion).

In the excitement of receiving the glasses and the disappointment of none of them being quite right, I forgot to take photos of me in the glasses… kinda a bummer. I would’ve liked your opinion.  If you’re not sure what to think of the glasses you are considering and need advice, Warby Parker even offers to help you find a pair that works for you via Twitter or Facebook! Brilliant.

I am going for that Geek Chic look for my next pair of glasses. The ones that were closest to what I want were the Prestons (below)… but they just weren’t quiiiite right – which 100% broke my heart.  Seriously. I want a pair so bad. I even want to name my dog Warby Parker… Maybe I’ll try their Sunglasses.

Happy Monday! Have a good week!

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