7Side inspiration.

Oh hey, Wednesday! Hurry up and be over so I can be closer to the weekend, k? Thanks.

So today’s post might be kinda familiar to some of you but… I just wanted to share with you, once again, my brother’s blog/talents and update you a little.  Below is a shortened version of a post I wrote a while back. With an update at the end.

Good morning!

Today’s blog is actually belongs to my (older) brother, Matt. He went to Virginia Tech and majored in Industrial Design. In other words, he may actually like art and design even more than ME! Matt is really into making things…

7Side Design …. allows you to peek into his artsy brain; from his hands-on projects and hobbies to his unique inspirations and experiences. This guy, who designs BOATS by day, leads a seriously awesomely art-infused life (in FLORIDA no less!)!

I think my favorite thing that Matt has created is one of his first 7Side projects, the Sanguine Dresser. I mean… it’s a dresser AND a shoe rack AND a headboard… how cool is that?! Another one of my favorite projects that Matt… made me my very own “e.” I seriously love it. (see below. )

Honestly, I think that 7Side Design is a great up-and-coming blog/company (and I’m not just saying that because he’s my brother). I seriously can’t wait to not only SEE more but hopefully one day OWN more of Matt’s creations!

Since that posting, a little over a year ago, Matt has done more work, like his wooden wall installations. Originally, I was thinking about having him come, and/or send me the supplies, to install our very own wooden wall up in our loft. Then I realized that the only real wall the loft has continues into a stairwell, and down the stairs, into the “entryway” – way too much wooden wall (especially for a rental..) – so we may have to make it more of an accent PIECE instead of accent WALL.

His walls look so cool though! I love all the different shades (which are totally natural!) The walls are seriously something straight out of Anthropologie (only one of my favorite stores of all time). Below are pictures taken from the 7side Design Blog:

Visit 7side Design’s blog and check out all his awesome creations! Happy Hump Day!

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