Hope you had a good Valentines Day! BF sent me flowers yesterday at work- Sunflowers to be exact. My favorite

So I may see a glimmer of hope at the end of our apartment decorating tunnel…. the glimmer of hope meaning… we finally bought a couch!!!! It’s a big deal. but it hasn’t arrived yet.

Here’s a pic of it I took on my phone at the store – don’t mind the ugly pillows.

The reason this couch is such a big deal is because… well… I’m waiting on it to pick the wall color, to choose the rug, and the chairs, and hang the art – none of which I have yet. I think the couch will get the ball rolling. And I’m stoked. In the meantime, I finally took some “before” pics of our place this weekend!!

Please don’t judge I took most of these with my cell phone. Plus… We’ve only been here a month tomorrow.

Living room - taken from kitchen

Living room- taken from sliding glass doors (you can see our loft from here!)

Bathroom - the counter is made for a basketball player!



I was going to take pics of our bedroom, too… but it’s looking extremely messy. That will have to be another day.

Have a good one!

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2 thoughts on “Before.

  1. Sonya says:

    The sunflowers are gorgeous! Jeremy did a nice job 🙂 And I ❤ the couch!!!

  2. Emily! Hi! Loving your blog, and I’m pretty jealous of your apt. =)

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