What’d you think of the Superbowl? Honestly, I didn’t watch it. In years past, I have sat through it to see the must talked about commercials and sometimes scandalous half time shows… this year, however, Bf and I are lacking a TV and didn’t want to go out… so, instead, I made soft pretzels.

Yes. Soft pretzels.

I have this strange addiction to soft pretzels. The weirdest part? I don’t crave Auntie Anne’s (or the like)- although they are heavenly – when I crave pretzels, I want the kind that spin around on that metal stick for hours before you dip them in mustard packets and nacho “cheese” that comes in a plastic sack. Those kind of pretzels.

So, I decided to look up a recipe and try to make the snack myself. I found one on All Recipes – my go to recipe App. I was totally excited when I realized that pretzels only really have like.. 4  ingredients: flour, sugar, salt and yeast – and I had all 4!

Here are some pics of the process – in total it took MAYBE 1.5 hours – although most of that time was taken waiting for the dang dough ball to rise.

Okay so they don’t look like the pretzels you see on that spinny metal thing but… they turned out pretty good (and chubby)! Check out the complete recipe here (I halved it).

Hope you had a great weekend! Happy Mundane Monday (womp womp)

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3 thoughts on “Pretzels

  1. Clare says:

    You should make another batch and mail them to me.

  2. kindkerry says:

    Cute thanks for sharing… I’ve always wanted to try making soft pretzels.

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