Hello again.

So a few weeks ago I mentioned that BF and I were moving into a new place – well… we’re in! I literally left the day after we moved for a business trip (look at me all grown up!) so basically last week was the first week in it – I spent a lot of time realizing I have WAY too much stuff and WAY not enough closet space (is there ever?).

I really need to take some before pictures before we get too far underway but, as of now, BF and I only have bedroom furniture which basically means that we’re starting from scratch. For me, this is totally awesome and terrifying at the very same time. (Plus, as you can probably tell, maximizing this teenie space is going to be an extra challenge…)

So… to start out my ideas… I tortured myself for days thinking of layouts, styles & etc. Then, I finally pulled up….


Polyvore is a website that, especially if you view fashion blogs, you’ve probably seen before. Basically, it lets you create a collage of inspiration, fashion, interior design, etc. Then you can share it with your friends, blog viewers, & the world!

The best part? You are putting real items on the collage- things you can actually purchase! So, in theory, you could put together a whole outfit, room, whatever and then own it. Cool, huh. (click here to watch a video about Polyvore)

And finally….. drum roll please… here is a very very very VERY generic vision I have for our living room – it will most likely change dramatically. The only thing I am sure of at this point is a gray couch similar to the one you see below…. And, who knows, that may change, too.

living room ideas

living room ideas by emtier on Polyvore.com

What do you think? Basically I want a very basic “background” of furniture so I can incorporate patterns, and pops of colors. I’ll definitely keep you posted on our progress- starting with before pictures very soon!

Happy Tuesday! One step closer to Friday!

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One thought on “Hello again.

  1. Cathy says:

    Yay, your own place! Good for you and the BF! Love the color scheme you’ve chosen for the living room! Have fun…………….

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