Merry (post) Christmas!!

Merry Mundane Monday Time-To-Go-Back-To-Work ‘Mas . This year, I totally dig all the presents that I got my family. I’ve been antsy to show you but… obviously had to wait ’til they had seen them first.


I got my mom 5 of these little red elf candle holders. They rep each member of the fam. (I’m not gunna lie, I bought myself 5, too!) These candle holders are not only absolutely adorable but, personally, I think they’re rather… seasonless! (from CB2)


My dad works for an airline and is basically a world traveler. I saw a similar version of this scratch off map a while back – and even blogged about it- and thought it would be a great gift for him.  Basically, the world map is covered in that gold scratch off stuff that comes on lottery tickets. You just scratch off the area you’ve been and underneath are bright, fun colors! (from UrbanOutfitters)

Older Brother:

I not only share a love of random tshirts with my brother but, recently, “Crash-o-Rama” has become Thanksgiving tradition for my family.  I saw this shirt and thought not only was it funny (without being obnox), but also kind of appropriate. (from Threadless)

Little (but tallest) Brother:

My little brother is as bike FANATIC. I’m taking… he owns way too many road bikes, and is usually covered in grease. We’ll drive by a person biking and he immediately rates the coolness of the bike they’re riding and/or the spandex they’re donning. He’s the Tri Captain at ASU so… yeah. He’s hardcore. I’ve been wanting to get this tshirt for him for a while but it seemed like every time I tried, it was sold out. Finally snagged it! (from Threadless)

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