Joey needs your help.

So while listening to my Jessica Simpson Holiday Pandora station the other day, I saw an ad for a website called “Help Joey.” Its funny but, I feel like as a person into marketing, I often “fall” for marketing ploys. Or maybe its because I just love seeing people’s creative ideas.

Anyway… I clicked on the banner and it took me to a website called:

Help Joey is a website (now partnered with the ASPCA) that is trying to spread the word about the importance of spaying and neutering your pets. What I love about it is he is not lecturing, there are no sad puppy and kitten pictures, and no sad music is playing in the background… instead, he uses humor and barely directly discusses the importance of spaying and neutering – while still managing to get the point across.

Here’s what Joey has to say about it:

“I’m just going to stop animals from having sex.” love it.

Joey “stops animals from having sex” by featuring super funny webisodes (including his shamwow type ad for Humpables and Purity Collars and even an intervention (click links for videos))  and blog posts (ex: “Sniffing butt: The Gateway Activity) of his journey to achieve his unique mission.

Gosh. I love clever viral marketing. Love. It. Check out Help Joey – it really is a funny site. With a good message, too!

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4 thoughts on “Joey needs your help.

  1. joey henry says:

    Thank you so much for writing this. You’re helping us spread the word about spay and neuter which is exactly why we’re doing this…plus very rarely can we be mentioned in the same breath as Jessica Simpson, so that’s cool. We’re glad people are “getting” it. I mean…well, I don’t mean it, it, like biblically or anything, I mean like getting it…the idea behind the campaign. We’ll post it up on our FB.

    To me Jess hasn’t been quite the same since her Lachey days…just sayin’.

  2. Clare says:

    I LOVE THIS SITE! It really is super funny, super effective and a very important message.

  3. candice humphrey says:

    Holy Craker Jacks I roll laughing every time I watch the videos.And the sad part about it is my last name is HUMPrey,I get HumpBaby alot hehehehe.

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