Weekend fun.

So… not last weekend but the weekend before, my parents came for a quick visit. They hopped off the plane and I took them straight to Irvine Contemporary, a tiny gallery on 14th street. It was Alexa Meade’s last day of her exhibit! We walked in and she was actually there doing an installation.

Alexa Meade (who by the way is like.. super young! I always imagined her being in her late 30s+) had painted this guy blue and was photographing him when we got there. It was so cool to see her in action – and kind of trippy to see this guy in real life when your brain totally wanted to tell you was a painting.

Here are some pics I took (with my phone):

Oh… and here is a piece of art in my parent’s hotel… Loved it so I have to share (it’s a scene painted on slices of tree trunks!!!!):

Not only did we check out Alexa Meade’s exhibit that weekend, we also met up with my cousin and hit up the National Building Museum and saw the Solar Decathlon exhibit. Unfortunately, the Lego exhibit’s line was super long (and cost money) so we skipped that one.

After the Building Museum, we ate  lunch at Jaleo. I had never eaten there but.. MAN am I a fan now! We seriously had a feast (on Tapas!!). Our favorite item of the day (although they all were AMAZING) was the “Papas arrugas.” Here’s the description:

Canary Island-style wrinkled baby potatoes served with mojo verde (cilantro, cumin, garlic, Sherry vinegar and olive oil sauce)

I’m seriously going to try my best to duplicate this sauce… we were dipping everything we could find in it once we ran out of mini potatoes (I’m talking grape sized)!! My mom found a similar recipe I’m going to have to try. (click image below for recipe).

Sorry this turned into kind of a long post… but seriously. Check out Alexa Meade’s website… and DEFINITELY check out Jaleo. They have locations in DC, Bethesda, and Crystal City.

Happy Friday eve!!!

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One thought on “Weekend fun.

  1. Ghudson says:

    The DC Jaleo is the best. That’s my favorite restaurant. Get the bacon wrapped dates, patatas bravas, and the hanger steak. Then get a caraffe of sangria and see how many more things you can order. God I love that place.

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