Social living.

So now that we’re living up in Northern Virginia (yay!), we need to figure out what to do, where to eat, and… of course… where to find the best deals! A friend of mine introduced me to a site that, if you haven’t heard of it, you need to visit ASAP. It’s called:

LivingSocial is a website that gives you super good deals on things in your area. These “things” include discounts on items/services like food/drink, beauty (ex: teeth whitening, hair cuts & etc).

Basically, you make an account (it’s free!) then visit everyday and check out the deals! Deals include items/service like “$20 for $40 worth of food at x restaurant.” After that, it’s as easy as clicking the “buy” button and typing in your  credit card, address & etc (it can be saved for easy/fast purchasing after your first time). Then, the deal is saved in your account. When you want to use it, simply pull it up on your phone or print it out and show it to the person helping you.

The thing with the deals is… the deal isn’t “active” a certain amount of people “buy” it (your card won’t get charged until it is active).  Don’t worry, though, I’ve never seen one not get purchased by enough people.

One of my favorite thing about LivingSocial is that they have an iPhone App! It’s a super easy way of checking the daily deals!

There are other websites out there similar to LivingSocial including Woot! and Groupon.

I actually wrote about Woot! a while back.
Woot! has one – usually electronic – deal a day. They also have a kids.woot! shirt.woot! wine.woot! and sellout.woot. There’s an App for Woot! too! Love it!

Groupon is similar to Woot! and LivingSocial in that it has deals in most major cities. They offer a lot of the same kind of deals including deals on restaurants, massages, haircuts & etc. (They also have an app)

Get out there, Get the Deals, and Get Social – all without breaking the bank!

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