30 days can make all the difference.

So… I’ve been having to find things to entertain myself as I look for jobs… I mean… a girl can’t look for jobs 24/7! It’s draining stuff! When I need a break, I have turned to our Netflix Instant Play… and have gotten hooked on “30 Days.

30 Days is a show hosted/produced by Morgan Spurlock, the guy who did “Supersize Me.” Although the show is a few years old, it tackles issues that are still very prevalent today… including gay rights, animal rights, illegal immigration, outsourcing, minimum wage & etc. The show puts people who have strong views on these things (ex: anti immigration) and sticks the person into that very environment (ex: an illegal immigrant family’s home).

This allows the people to become exposed to things that they would otherwise never had a chance to experience. They are presented with both sides of the each issue and are allowed to (re)create their opinion based on facts instead of stereotype & etc. Often there are doctors, preachers, and scientists involved. Such a cool concept!

Unfortunately, there were only 3 short seasons… but check out the show! Definitely eye-opening, educational, or at least entertaining! The shows are not only on Netflix, but also on Hulu (yay free stuff!).

Hope you’re having a good week so far!

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