Water from thin air!

So… BF and I are renting a friends basement. It’s a super nice basement and totally works for what we need right now. The only thing about basements is… they can get kind of.. damp. Our friend/landlord totally solved that problem when he hooked us up with this super fancy dehumidifier (thanks, Pat!). Boy does this thing work. It literally fills up about a 2 gallon bucket every 13 hours. That’s a lot of water I’m dumping down the drain at least once day.

That got me thinking... “Man. This water looks perfectly usable and I’m just dumping it down the drain…  I should invent something that makes this water drinkable!” So… I began googling and quickly found out that someone else has already thought of that.

Air2Water is a company that sells exactly what I had been thinking of inventing… a dehumidifier/water purifier!

The product that Air2Water sells is called the Dolphin:

…The Dolphin, has a certain elegance and convenience to it: no lines to hook up, no ungainly five gallon jugs to tote around — just plug in and witness the magic. The Dolphin will produce 20 liters (a little over five gallons, for those who don’t speak metric) of water per day at 70% humidity, which is enough for your office if you go through one of those ungainly water cooler jugs per day or less — plus, without the plastic waste, and avoiding other associated costs of water jug transportation (emissions, namely)… (taken from an article from Engadget)

Now… why didn’t I think of that…. oh wait! I did! I guess my real question is… Why isn’t this more publicized/widely used!?!?

What a great way to recycle water and do our part to keep our planet around a little longer!

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2 thoughts on “Water from thin air!

  1. baby bitch says:

    lovin your blog…trying to network, check mine out? i just started…

  2. sohe says:

    um, i’m totally stalking your blog bc im bored at work and this is SO SMART..

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