Yes, I’m alive.


I know. I know. It’s been like.. WEEKS since I’ve blogged! I blame the (deadly) combo of moving and no internet. BUT! As of yesterday, we are officially settled in – Internet and everything! The only thing I need now is a job… which I’m working on (don’t forget to keep an eye out for me!).

So… While I am unemployed, I have embodied some new roles… including Craigslist fanatic, wanna be worker-outter, and maybe even a homemaker? (ha!) Well… they’re all in the very beginning stages considering I’ve only officially been a NoVA resident for a week and a half… But with the help today’s website… I may become a first class homemaker (in BF’s dreams!) (via LifeHacker):

Food on the table is a website helps you not only create meal plans, but also grocery lists of the things you’ll need!

Here’s how it works…

  • sign up (its free!).
  • Select your local grocery store and the type of meats you/your family eats.
  • Select the meat you “are in the mood for this week” and what you want the recipes to do for you: save you time, money, look out for your health, or simply add variety.
  • The site will then generate one recipe per day. You have the option of keeping, customizing, or creating each recipe. I kept all of the ones selected for me:  Easy Satay Chicken, Zesty Taco Casserole, Chicken Scampi, and Tofu Parmigiana

  • After you have selected your recipes, you can review your grocery list. Once you have figured out what you have and what you need, you can either print out the list or send it to the email you signed up with. The list is even divided by departments so you can avoid doing what I always do: bounce back and forth across the store a million times.
  • Once you have made the recipes, you simply start over! Before you start completely over, though, the website will ask you if you made the meals and if you’d make them again. Brilliant!

I think that this website is totally awesome! Not only do I love how easy it is to find new, healthy/fast/etc recipes, it is super intuitive. Plus, I love the graphics/color schemes (I’m cool like that).

Hope you enjoy this site as much as I do! Can’t wait to try the recipes!! So glad I’m back! I missed you guys!

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3 thoughts on “Yes, I’m alive.

  1. Jeremy says:

    I dig that site – I dig home makers 🙂 and food – and your blogging skillz – with a z cause your cool like that 🙂

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