Did you notice?

Good morning! Hope you had a great (Father’s Day) weekend! I attempted to pack… with a little luck… although I have tons more to do!

I ran across a website this weekend… while procrastinating on the whole packing thing… and thought you might enjoy it, too! It’s called:

You Thought We Wouldn’t Notice.



We’ve all experienced someone copying off us… whether its your style, on a test, or maybe something you’ve put your blood, sweat, and tears into… like your art.You Thought We Wouldn’t Notice is a website that features art that has been copied (usually shamelessly/blatantly!).  This ranges from photographs, to logos,  and website design, to paintings, clothing and even movies (like our beloved “Up!”) (see right column of website for all the categories)!  THIS person even won AWARDS for the copying they did!!

Here are some of the copying that just… blew my mind:




I mean… seriously?! The copiers of this artwork are shameless. They don’t even really try to cover up/alter what they’ve done to make it their own! They’re not using the other person’s art as inspiration – they’re using it for their own benefit… which is sad… and scary! I have an online portfolio so that potential employers & etc can see what I’ve done but… its out there for others to see and maybe even copy and personally benefit from. What an awful thought.

The Internet is an amazing thing… a great way to be exposed to new and innovative pieces of technology, art & etc… but unfortunately, as you all know, with its good, comes its bad/ugly.

Be careful out there! But meanwhile… enjoy You Thought We Wouldn’t Notice. It’s really a very interesting website!

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5 thoughts on “Did you notice?

  1. jcartermarketing says:

    Wow, I had never heard of this site. It’s pretty cool, people should get the credit they deserve.

    Now I’m feeling a little wary concerning the cartoon I put in my post today….

  2. Clare says:

    Wow! Hahaha that is CRAZY talk!! Plagiarism is so bad… and sometimes it is really creepy!


  3. jcartermarketing says:

    and yeah, right that lady is blind and just what had an instinctual feeling to plagiarize?!

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