Friday pretty.


It’s been such a weird week for me… we spent the entire week interviewing peopleto replace me and a coworker (who is leaving in a month or so). Therefore, I have been playing catch-up all week! I’m not sure I’m quite there yet… Then this weekend, BF and I start packing. His goal: To be living out of suitcases by Sunday night. Makes me nervous. I know I’m going to need something that I haven’t needed in months simply because it’s packed. Maybe I’ll just pretend I’m camping!

Anyway… Since it is Friday, I want to share something pretty with you:



Natsko is an illustrator that I discovered via one of my favorite blogs (as you can prob tell since I site it all the time), Oh Joy!.

Her art is seriously awesome. I especially like her Illustrations! They’re this perfect combination of bright colors vs not-so-bright colors (not sure how else to verbalize that one…) and realistic vs. more cartoonish. I just love it. I would love to own one of her prints!

Here’s an example:

Her animations are cute, too.

Visit her website to see even more of her stuff! Hope you love it as much as I do!

Have a great FATHERS DAY weekend! Yes, it’s THIS weekend.

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