99 problems but design ain’t one.

Soo…. I’m sorry.

Yesterday was the first time, since I started this blog, that I haven’t posted during the weekday. I have failed you. I was just super busy and, frankly, I just wasn’t feeling inspired by any of the websites I had to share with you. TODAY though, I am. Even though its a little late.

With our move coming up (we head up on the 26th!), I’ve been getting nervous about the whole… unemployed thing. Today I applied to a few great jobs that I think would be PERFECT for me… but, we’ll see. You never really know these days. Meanwhile, here’s a website I may be checking out while unemployed… with the hope/possibility of earning a few bucks:

99 Designs.



99 Designs is a website that lets people submit/post projects including logo, web, icon, wordpress, stationery, tshirt, and print design. Then… designers can go on there and simply submit their ideas/art to as many projects as they want. If their work is accepted, they are paid whatever price was assigned to that particular project.

Even if you are not selected, it’s a great way to not only keep the design skills you have, but develop them even more. You know what they say, practice makes perfect!

Check it out! Its a website saturated with creativity!


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