Cupcakes and cashmere.

Okay guys! This is going to be a quickie! I’m a super busy girl today… But I wanted to share with you a blog whos author, Emily,  is just too cute – a fashionista for sure!

Cupcakes and cashemere is a blog that features the author’s own style – she often has photos of herself in adorable outfits (see below).  Although its mostly about fashion, the blog makes it more personal and fun by letting us peek into the Emily’s own life… her travels, eventsshopping finds, and even some recipe  and how-to (hair and makeup) ideas!


Oh! and did I mention this girl designed her own Coach bag!? How cool is THAT?! (see below)

Isn’t it GORGEOUS?! The girl’s got talent!

Visit the blog and see for yourself. Cupcakes and Cashmere has got it goin’ ON!

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One thought on “Cupcakes and cashmere.

  1. Cinilicious says:

    Im not a Coach fan but omg, that creamy pink bag is to die for! and thx for introducing this blogger, i’ll be checking it for sure!:)

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