Made with love.

Okay well you know me… I love handmade stuff. Hence today’s website:

Try Handmade is a website that highlights different handmade products– from tape dispensers, (liquor bottle) bird feeders, and cute purses to creative prints, photos, and jewelry. It introduces you to awesome handmade things… AND links to where you can purchase them.

Not only do I love all the handmade finds, I love her weekly “In case you missed it” posts (below)… which summarize all the posts from the week before! Brilliant!

Check out this great, artsy blog! A perfect place for inspiration- whether its for projects, gifts, or yourself!

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3 thoughts on “Made with love.

  1. Clare says:

    What?! this is awesome. I just had a thought, Your wedding will be so cute and amazing cuz you are so crafty and creative. Random, I know. But true!!

  2. […] Leave a Comment I’m sure you guys are all well aware of my obsession with all things handmade… as well as my obsession with fonts. Well… I can now combine the […]

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