Push it – push it good.

So after signing up for the Rock’N’Roll half marathon about a week ago, BF and I have been trying to do some training… I know, a little late to be going from 0 to 13 (miles)… But we’re starting small… just under 3 miles a day on a trail near our house. My goal is to be able to run the entire 3 miles very soon (I’m really close!) and then 5 miles… and so forth. I know I won’t be able to run all 13 miles but if I could run SOME of it, that would be great!

Anyway, this new… health kick/goal… has made me pretty excited about working out again! So I want to show you a website/program I’m about to add (3x a week) to my running goals:



One Hundred Push Ups is a program designed to take you from 0 (or your current amount…) to 100 (pushups) in 6 weeks.

The program starts by giving you an initial test to see how many push ups you can already do. Then, it uses your starting point range to create a 6 week workout plan to get you to your 100.

My week 1 starts tonight (it was supposed to start this am buuut it didn’t happen). Here’s what week 1 looks like:



Seems easy enough, right? As you can probably tell by my meager 3 mile (short term) goal, I am one of the weakest/most out of shape person you will meet; therefore, I will be doing column 1 for the 6 weeks…

For those of you with iPhones, there is even an app!

One Hundred Push Ups  is just one of a series of programs. The other workout programs include Two Hundred Sit-ups, Two Hundred Squats, and Twenty Five Pull-ups (coming soon!)

Join me on this program? A few of my coworkers are. Have a great week!


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6 thoughts on “Push it – push it good.

  1. Kim Bennett says:

    SO FUNNY! me and my coworkers just started this (and the 200 sit up challenge) last week!

  2. jeremy says:

    hope your ready for some push ups 🙂 see you soon lady love

  3. Clare says:

    Oh I need to start doing this! I NEVER work out! It is so so soo bad! You will be my inspiration, Emily Barbie!


  4. Laura says:

    I’m seriously sore. From doing like 10 total. Sucks. 🙂

  5. […] website…. sorry – too much to do and too little time! Have you been doing your 100 Pushups program though!? I’m on week 3… I think it’s going rather […]

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