Blogging buddy.

So today I would like to introduce to you a blogging friend of mine (you can see them in my Blogroll).



Kibitzers is a blog authored by three friends. The blog, which is super easy to read/navigate (always nice), discusses topics like Entertainment, Internet, Music, Nature, News, Reviews, Space, and Sports.

These kids are up-to-date on EVERYTHING it seems! My favorite topic that they talk about is Music.

They feature music by some well-known and some not-so-well-known people. For instance, today’s post features songs by people like Kid Cudi (love him), M.I.A.  and 50cent. It also features some artists that I hadn’t heard of.  They even give you links to where you can get/buy the songs! I seriously LOVE finding out about new artists – which is why I LOVE Pandora so much… but Kibitzers is now another great way to learn about the newest artists and songs!

I also like their Internet section. They just show you what is going on and what is popular right now on the world wide web. 

Okay so… all their sections are awesome and will teach you something new.

Check out Kibitzers and educate yourself on the latest and greatests in a variety of categories. You may just have more interesting conversations this weekend as a result.

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3 thoughts on “Blogging buddy.

  1. Ghudson says:

    Well thank you very much – nicest thing anyone has ever said about our blog!

  2. Clare says:

    Love their blog! It is awesome!

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