I made it.

So I told you that I was going to do some DIYs over the weekend… Welll… I DID!

First, I made the tassel earrings that I showed you in my post on Friday. I made two sets… one is a little shorter and not quite as… wiggly? as the longer pair. I think it ended up costing me less than $8 per pair. I just bought a bulk pack of earring hooks, 2 pairs of tassels (one from Michaels and one from Joann Fabric), small baggies of nuts and bolts from Lowes…

and BAM less than 30 min later, I had 2 pairs of cute earrings! For a girl who really only wears studs, they’re a little heavy but not too bad.  Here they are (long then short):

Then, I started what I hope to finish sometime this week… turning leftover wood from my mosaic project into a chalkboard/clock! I’ll show you when I’m done.

Oh. Guess what else I did… officially signed up for that half marathon I told you about back in JANUARY! It kinda snuck up on me and I am SO NOT READY! I’m talkin… die after running ONE mile not ready. So now bf and I have 12 weeks (yikes) to get in half marathon shape. If I can run like.. 1/3 of the marathon I’d be TOTALLY happy!

Should be interesting.

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