She made it.

BF and I meant to make plans this weekend… it just kind of never happened! So… I think I plan on working out, sipping on some festive drinks (maybe spiked versions of a few of these), and doing at least one DIY project. So in honor of the holiday (Thank You Soldiers! Past, Current, Future!!) and a little extra time for DIYs, I am going to show you a BRILLIANT website:

P.S. I made this…


P.S. I made this…  finds new trends, styles & etc and then copies them using EXTREMELY less expensive, often household, objects. Her stuff always comes out AMAZING! I mean… she can take a toy alligator and turn it into a “luxe home accessory!”

In case you were wondering, this is one of the many websites that I am 100% OBSESSED with! It just OOZES creativity!

Here are some other projects that I cant wait to someday try:





For more inspirational DIY ideas, check out the website.

Enjoy your long weekend!

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2 thoughts on “She made it.

  1. Clare says:

    I seriously think you have the best grasp of the web ever! I remember when you showed me this blog and I am still obsessed

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