Develop a habit.

Mundane Monday (waaah waaahmp).

Today’s website is one that  BF  has shown me. He actually may have shown you, too. It’s called

Zenhabits is a website that gives you advice on important topics in your life including: Finance & FamilyHealth & Fitness, Goals & Motivation,  HabitsHappinessProductivity & Organization,  and Simplicity.

The website posts advice every Tuesday and Thursday, often giving what I would call the… zen version of  “Doctor Phil Advice.” It’s straight forward, maybe even things you already know… but phrased in such a way that it just totally makes sense and really makes you think/want to change.

Here are two articles on topics that I really need to work on… Not judging things as good or bad and not having any expectations.

 Accept What Is – Don’t Judge as Good or Bad: 

“The root of the unhappiness isn’t necessarily that we want things to be different… it’s that we decided we didn’t like it in the first place. We’ve judged it as bad, rather than saying, “It’s not bad or good, it just is.” … You could accept it as the way the world works — as the way things actually are. And try to understand why that is, and embrace it. As it is…  Does it mean you can never change things? Not at all. But change things not because you can’t accept things as they are, but because you enjoy the process of change, of learning and growing.” (click here for the full article)

 The Elements of Living Lightly:

“Today I’m going to suggest a small change in mindset that could change your life… Think of nothing that happens as either good or bad. Stop judging, and stop expecting…. All you have to do is say, ‘That wasn’t good or bad, it just happened, it just is.’ It’s tiny, but it takes practice, and amazingly, it can knock you on your ass… With this little change, you will no longer be swayed up and down depending on whether good things or bad things happen to you, whether people (and their actions) are good or bad. You will learn to accept things as they are, and move within that landscape mindfully.” (click here for the full article)

This website is full of articles just like this… and lots that aren’t like this, too. Check it out and maybe even develop some zen habits.


Find any articles interesting/applicable to your life?

Enjoy! Have a great week!

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