Lemme borrow that top.

I know I mentioned a few weeks ago that I have just been wanting to SHOP… well, I have yet to fulfill that yearning ($ shortage…) soo… it’s still here. Itching at my pocketbook and causing me to think up adorable outfits in my head using clothing that I dont (yet) own. I actually own a sewing machine and maybe one day I will take it out of the box and make my own clothing… until then I will admire the handiwork of others… including a blogger who created:

New Dress A Day.



New Dress A Day was started by a very clever girl that decided she would make a new dress every day from thrift store findings – totally giving up “traditional shopping”- for an entire year. Not only that, she is giving herself a $1 budget (per day)!

The blog shows the before and after of each outfit with a little description and a blurb on how she did it. I’m going to admit, I don’t totally dig every single one of her looks… but she has created some pretty cute styles from pretty dreadful beginnings! If anything, I give the girl kudos for having the skill to make oversized, ugly items into wearable pieces.

I seriously think that I may have to try this myself. Although I have limited – if not basically ZERO sewing skills. Worst thing that can happen is I waste a few bucks and take an ugly dress out of circulation. I’m kinda excited! Too bad we don’t have good thrift stores around here. I’ll have to wait til I’m “up north (aka NoVA)” next.

Its officially add it to my DIY list.

Check out the blog…What do you think?

Happy Hump Day!


PS. Here’s the original “Lemme borrow that top” video:

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One thought on “Lemme borrow that top.

  1. bigdayfor10k says:

    LOVE it. That top/jackety thing up there is adorable!

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